Use these alternative travel tips and tricks on every trip

Each of us has our own set of travel tips and tactics. Hundreds of these kinds of posts may be found on the internet! For my version, I tried to keep the recommendations basic and avoid the obvious ones that pop up on travel sites all the time.

So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite travel hacks….

P.S. If you have any unique suggestions, please share them in the comments section below this page.

As little as possible should be unpacked

Nothing is more aggravating than misplacing anything when traveling.

And when do items usually go missing? It is transferring from one location to another.

I’ve discovered that not unpacking is the best way to avoid this!

I have a system for unpacking what I do.

  • In the bathroom, the washbag is usually hanging.
  • Wallet and keys are kept on the desk at all times.
  • On the bedside table, there’s a Kindle and several chargers.
  • Straight inside the safe with a folder of important documents.

I try to unpack as little as possible for the remainder of it.

We utilize packing cubes to make this procedure much simpler! Do you require a fresh t-shirt? Simply take the relevant cube out of the backpack, transfer the dirty one to the washing bag (AKA the hobo sack! ), get a fresh one, and zip the cube back up.

When packing to go, this speeds up the process and eliminates hours of digging through drawers and wardrobes for items you may have misplaced.


Because we were staying in a room without electricity, I thought tying it to the bed frame for easy access overnight would be a good idea!

The system had failed, and the headlamp is now lost in the Chiang Mai forest!

Get Your Finances in Order

This will be standard procedure for the obnoxiously organized among you (of whom I am a member). To order notes from largest to smallest, facing side front, is, after all, the basic foundation of any reasonable human being. Isn’t that the case!?

For those who are more liberal-minded, now is the moment to begin.

When traveling from one nation to another, currencies may quickly become perplexing.

As an example, consider the Vietnamese Dong. The notes for 10,000 and 100,000 are both green and include a lot of zeros! It’s easy to mix these two up if you’re in a hurry, your eyes skimming over the extra number.

However, if you place it amid the other notes, you’re more likely to get it properly.

It’s straightforward, but you’ll appreciate it.

Oh, and if you’re looking for the street sellers to point out your error, they will, but only if it’s not to your advantage!

Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites

If you’re seeking the ultimate “Best Places to Visit in the World” list, it’s simple to come by, in my view.

The webpage is named UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Places are only included on this list if they have a cultural or ecological importance that should be preserved for the sake of humanity’s future.

To put it another way, they’re a huge thing!

I’ve traveled the world seeing UNESCO World Heritage Sites and have never been disappointed. They are the pinnacle of human achievement and the most magnificent of Mother Nature’s gifts.

So, before visiting a new nation, I always do a fast search on the UNESCO website and utilize that information to arrange my itinerary.

Pay Attention to Your Health

One thing that most people don’t pay attention to is their health and hygiene, especially oral. During the trip keep your oral hygiene on point. According to a dentist in Surprise, oral hygiene is positively affected both mental and physical health.

Install the app.

Some visitors yearn for the “good old days,” when traveling was a total getaway from the contemporary world.

When I’m on the road, I’m not one of those people who takes advantage of every chance for technology to make my life simpler.

I’ve met single travelers on the road who are only able to go because of the security that being linked provides.

A contemporary phone can now replace a variety of books and devices from the past, so take advantage of this space-saving wonder and get your smartphone travel-ready before you leave.

Join Facebook Groups in Your Area

Many websites on the internet can assist you in planning your vacations, but the best method to get up-to-date information is to ask locals.

You’ll find folks prepared to assist you in hostels, jails, and taxis; but, for a modern twist, join the local Facebook page before of time.

‘Siem Reap Expats’ or ‘We Love Phnom Penh’ are common names for groups committed to the area in most towns and cities. Simply put the name of the location you’re visiting into your Facebook search bar, then select the ‘groups’ option to see what comes up.

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