Top 5 things to know while on a Travel tip Tuesday

Travelling has quite a ring to it, so does our travel tip Tuesdays. Travel tip Tuesday brings to you amazing travel tips and reviews that can totally benefit you during your travel or planning of travel. This segment is a gust of free air that comes with a relaxed mood in the busy schedule of a Tuesday morning.

Travel tip Tuesday quotes and travel tip Tuesday images have a huge circulation all over the world. These are perhaps the most searched phrases on the internet on a random Tuesday. So, without any further ado, let’s see what these week’s Tuesday tips are:

Pack extra charger for your camera:

It is alright to experience the marvelous sights with your own eyes. But what makes it more permanent and never lets you forget the happy memory? Well, it is the art of capturing the beauty of nature in a camera. Be it an expensive SLR or a point and shoot digital camera, always pack an extra battery in your fanny pack. It has been a trend to go to the remotest places for some extra adventure. It would not be justice if your camera battery runs out in the middle of nowhere. And, you cannot actually expect to have electricity there. So, an extra battery would do no harm.

Pack extra memory card

With digital cameras in our hands, photo clicks know no bounds. In the time of analogue cameras, one had to be very calculative about the number of clicks, because of limited films. But, now one can click as many picture as she wants if the camera has an extra storage. So, to keep an extra memory card is the way to unbridle your urge to capture the scenic beauties you encounter. This way you do not have to put a lease on the artistic side of you, who wants a ton of pictures of the place. If you are planning to take photos on your camera then pack an extra memory chip that goes with your phone. In case of an iPhone,

Change the belt of the camera

Cameras usually come with a strap that shows the model name or number and the brand name of the product. However, showing that you have an expensive gadget is considered to be tacky in some countries. So, instead of showing off your camera brand, you can replace the belt that the camera comes with, with a utility belt that is not brand specific.

Rain cover for your bag and camera

With globalization and an overall climate change, there is no fixed season for rain. You have summer rain, you have monsoon rain, you have autumnal rain, you have wintry rain and you have spring rain. So, even if you are planning a winter vacation trip, do pack a raincoat for yourself. Besides that, pack a rain cover for your bag and your dear camera as well. Among the number of reasons a camera can act strange is water damage. So, always keep your camera dry and clean. Sometimes camera bags do not come with rain covers. In that case, carry your camera in a bag that has a proper rain cover.

Learn about troubleshooting your camera

Be it a solo trip or traveling with partners, your camera is unique and yours. You have to handle it if it starts acting weird. And you cannot expect some company representative to just pop out of the Saharan desert when you need some help to nudge your camera to the right way. So, you have to learn the basics of troubleshooting about your gadget. Cameras come with a user manual in various languages. So, at least carry it when you are traveling.

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