Top Ten Places to Visit in San Francisco

 One of the most iconic entertainment hubs in the United States, San Francisco also beckons the traveller inside of you with the long beaches, historical charm, and great neighborhood. Apart from taking a peep in the Chinatown of this city and hopping into the historical cable cars of the city, there are numerous sightseeing spots around here. Here are the top ten San Francisco places to visit the next time you hit the road to here.

Golden Gate Bridge

This bridge is the most photographed site in the city. Connecting the Northern districts with San Francisco, this orange bridge creates a wonderful sight on the backdrop of the blue water. You can drive over this California jewel or take a walk along the sidewalks on the bridge, starting from the starting of the bridge, accessible from the Presidio shuttle, ending at a viewpoint located in Marin County. The bridge is open for pedestrians only during the daytime. The best part is, when it is dark, the illumination is mesmerizing.

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Golden Gate Park:

Formerly an arid place or dunes, Golden Gate Park is a vast green space in the middle of the concrete city life. This turf of green is considered as the metaphorical “lungs” of San Francisco. One of the most frequented San Francisco tourist places, this place harbours as many as five thousand different types of plants and trees, numerous walking trails, so many beautiful lakes, a unique buffalo paddock, and a huge space for sitting on the green grass to relax. The tourists can take walk to see the varied attractions of the park, like the de Young Museum, the Japanese Tea Garden, the California Academy of Sciences Museum, Steinhart Museum, and so on. However, it takes time to hit all the highlights. So it is convenient if you go for bike rentals. There is another option of a 2.5 hours guided tour around the park for those who like to plan ahead.

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this is one of the San Francisco tourist places that bring together scenic beauty, view of the marina, shopping, culturally rich walks, and refreshing experience with the cute sea lions in one single realm. Located at the end of Fisherman’s Wharf, this family entertainment hub is popular with kids. From here you can have a distant glance of the Golden Gate and the Alcatraz Island.

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Alcatraz Island

notoriously known for the thirty-year-long operation of the Alcatraz penitentiary, this island is now a nesting place for some beautiful migratory sea birds. This small island has a reputation of housing the most infamous criminals of America, including Al Capon. To reach here, you can take a ferry with a guide and a very enjoyable voice record that prepares you with the history and life of these convicts in the island prison before you keep a foot on it. The nostalgic air of the island will take you back to its dark past, while at the same time your soul would find a deeper solace with a scenic view of the distant Golden Gate Bridge and the turquoise blue water around the island.

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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

this is one of the biggest and top museums of San Francisco California. After the natural beauty of Alcatraz Island, this museum would appeal to the modern side of your soul. A sprawling 170,000 square ft. area of this museum is spread across the ten floors, bedazzled with a massive collection of twentieth-century art of all forms and structures. However the exhibits are constantly changing, the permanent exhibition includes the forever interesting Fisher collection. The building itself is a wonder, with air pockets and comfortable light and warmth. And to satisfy your appetite, there is a café and a fine dining restaurant within the museum.

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California Academy of Sciences

located inside of the Golden Gate Park, this is an architectural wonder. It has glass walls and a living roof, with native plants and rolling hill slopes to fit the surrounding of the park. Inside the building, there is a multifaceted collection ranging from the planetarium, aquarium to rainforest, housing more than thirty-five thousand live specimens to twenty-five feet coral reef. One of the most striking attractions in this academy is the Osher Rainforest with its four floors and animals living in its to-class layout. Another amazing experience in this building is the glass elevator that takes you down to the depths, where you can see colourful fishes waddling overhead through the flooded rainforest stream.

Lombard Street

an east-west street in San Francisco California, Lombard street is twisty and turny and steep like no road whatsoever. This crooked street has beautiful trees with colorful flowers and as many as eight hairpins bends in one single block of road that attracts more than millions of tourists per year.

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San Francisco California houses this excellent science museum that people of all ages rave about. Children love this museum because of the numerous hands-on learning science models and multiple exhibits of diverse types. The place is both fun and educational

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Muir Woods National Monument

the reason this place cuts into the ten top San Francisco tourist places is the old Redwood vegetation that has won it the tag of a National Monument in 1908. Taking a walk along the wild paths is both exciting in its novelty and relaxing for the green calm surrounding. There are inviting activities here. You can become involved in the planning effort of the layout of the park. For children of five to twelve can become junior rangers.

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Lands End Lookout

this beautiful park along the coastline is amazing for taking a stroll along the water and appreciating the unadorned natural beauty. A distant view of the bridge, an intoxicating smell of fennel, and the buzzing sound of the sea are worth spending hours in here. The wide-open space and the cathedral-shaped treetops will keep you wondering about the long-gone rail tracks along the area.

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