Top places to visit near Naina Devi Temple in India

Amidst the lush green of the Himalayan heights and the cool breeze of the Indian climate, Naina Devi sits in her pristine temple, which is at an amazing height of 1177 meters, in the district of Bilaspur of Himachal Pradesh. If you are travelling to the hill station near Naina Devi, it is the first and foremost thing that you spend at least one hour at the top of this hill and visit this place of reverence. 

The road leading to the base of this temple is fairly drivable and clean. There is enough parking along the road. The climb is more or less 150 stairs from the base to the top of the hill that houses the temple. But, if you are totally in the mood of enjoying the pretty sight while dipping in the warm sun on a cold day, then get on the next cable car on the line. Yes, there is a ropeway that covers the entire path in just one hour and does not cost you much. So, a visit to this thousand years old Naina Devi temple Himachal Pradesh is not always weary. 

The temple of Naina Devi is an epitome of piety and antiquity and is also one of the fifty-one saktipiths. The name of the temple comes from the fact Sati’s eyes fell here and made this a must-visit place for people from all over the world. The heavenly sight from the top of the hill just matches this out-of-the-story of this temple. 

Anyway, once you have filled your heart with the freshness of the morning sun at the Naina Devi shrine, you can also drive for some more and reach exciting places nearby. For example, you can go on for more than 25 kilometres and enjoy the world-class hydraulic project of Bhakra Nangal. The place is scenic but the strict management there would not let you stay very long. However, you can have a mind-blowing view of the dam from the winding road leading here.

Another place to see around here is the sapphire blue lake called Govind Sagar. The water is clean, blue, and has almost 537 feet depth in the deepest. The coast is 90 kilometres long and there are various water sports available for tourists. Riding a speedboat along the long lake would be an exciting thing to do.

If you are an adrenalin junky and would love to be nineteen again, Mapple Jungle Camp is just the right place for you. The place is all-natural and has got all sorts of activities, like zipline, trekking, aerial activities, Burma Bridge, hanging net, and more.  

Fort Bahadurpur is a chapter of history, where the sound of the clashing swords reverberates with the calm shadows of deodar. Only a rest house now, this fort is a nice two hours visit along the way.

Kandrour bridge takes you to a new height, literally. It once was the highest bridge in Asia. So, while on the bridge, take out your mobile or camera and put those to good use. 

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