Top New Travel Insurance that covers Covid-19 in the USA

The outbreak of COVID 19 has left the world with worry and trouble. Every sector of life has been disrupted including the economy and social life of people. However, the worst-hit sector is, by far, the tourism sector. The phenomenon of traveling literally involves leaving one’s locality and wander around different ecological spaces, which is exactly opposite to the quarantined social practice during this outbreak. So, everyone is afraid of traveling again in a post COVID world.

However, to solve this matter, one can look into the amazing insurance policies that not only give you a fearless traveling experience but also entirely cover the facets of COVID 19. Let’s have a look at the top travel insurances at our hand:


These are some amazing travel insurances that could be taken into consideration before hitting the highway:

  1. Covid 19 travel insurance for US nationals travelling to the US: This kind of insurance offers coverage for coronavirus ailments. But, this insurance is only for the citizens of the US, who are visiting the US. There are several insurance companies that offer this type of coverage. Two of the leading companies are Global Underwriters and INF Insurance. The insurance policy includes corona as a new sickness in the former company, and like any other sickness in the latter. Long term diplomat American Insurance could be bought for at least three months and covers medical expenses up to one million dollars.

2. Travel Insurance for Travel outside the USA: After WHO announced COVID 19 as a pandemic and to avoid any non-essential travel, most of the travel insurance companies stopped covering covid 19 issues for travel. There are very few America-based insurance companies that are still offering substantial insurance coverage against this new sickness, namely, INF Insurance, Trawick International, Tokyo Marine, Seven Corners, and Global Underwriters. Insurance for outbound travels could be bought for 6 months maximum. For this insurance, you have to make sure that you call the insurance company before starting any treatment.

3. COVID 19 travel insurance for expatriates: Expats or expatriates live outside their native country for their intriguing professional life. So, their anxiety could be imagined during this pandemic situation. For those who work abroad, this situation has made it more difficult to travel back to their homelands. The insurance for Expats covers some added expenses like immigration costs, tax differentials between the homeland and the host land, and so on. Treatment for corona ailment is also necessarily covered under these insurances.

4. General Travel Insurance Plans: traveling after this corona outbreak might seem a little less scary if you plan good travel insurance before packing the bag. Travel insurances are quite common these days and it will be the primary thing to do after this pandemic. General USA-based travel insurances basically cover medical expenses, loss of checked-in bags and baggage, delay in checked-in baggage, trip interruption or cancellation, trip delay, missed connection, and many more issues. The minimum age of insurance needs to be a minimum of months with a maximum of 60 years.

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