Top 7 Rhode Island Attractions

Rhode Island, also called the little Rhody, is especially famous among beach enthusiasts. It is a popular hiking destination, boasting expansive woods apart from a 400-mile coastline. Rhode Island has its own vivacious culture keeping up its legacy among popular destinations like Boston or NYC. It is not easy to pull crowds when you have the iconic NYC so close, but the famous tourist attractions in Rhode Island are an exception. Let us take a look at the best Rhode Island attractions that you should not miss.

The Breakers

Easily the grandest mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, The Breakers was built in 1895 by Cornelius Vanderbilt. The structure is made of the finest Italian marble and has majestic wooden paneling. The mansion has 70 rooms and has a regal dining room that unfolds in its entirety in three stories. The Vanderbilts left no stone unturned to ensure that no one even came close to competing with the house. You should book your stay online in Newport to make your visit to The Breakers convenient.

Victorian style off-white building with blue skies and green grass during daylight

Cliff Walk

If you have been daunted by Rhode Island attractions like The Breakers, you will be calmed by a long, nice walk along Cliff Walk. Newport never lost its sense of perspective regarding private and public space. Thanks to that, the walks by the seas have always been open to the public and not been bought off by some merchant. That is a remarkable feat considering much of Newport and Rhode Island was made on the profits from the slave trade. If you are a walker and walk for a few miles along the coast, you will find Tea House, a perfect refreshment joint!

A train in the middle of cliff hanging style railroad with mountain on top and ocean on the other side.

The Elms

The Elms was built by the Philadelphia coal baron Edward Berwind in the French Château style. It is one of the best Rhode Island attractions in Newport. Completed in 1901, the place houses the Classical Revivalist garden, which deserves a visit.

French inspired mansion under blue sky with green grass during daylight


Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island and has achieved the rare feat of retaining its culture and going cosmopolitan. The city is known for textile manufacturing, so you have a chance to see the makers and the fabric, together. Providence, as a part of retaining history, still has steam engines—relics that never fail to amuse visitors. You could always visit the RISD Museum of Art and experience the cultural tradition of Providence.

CIty buildings with lights on during night time.

Roger Williams Park Zoo

The Roger Williams Park Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the country and is yet up to date with modern facilities. If you are here with your family, the kids are sure to have a gala time here. The best part of the zoo is that it is generally cage-free, and the animals live in their natural habitat. Alligators, otters, kangaroos, giraffes, and snow leopards are the most popular animals that the zoo keeps.

Penguins in the zoo


This Waterpark in Providence has recognized the Woonasquatucket River in the true sense. Until the 20th century, the river had been ignored. As of now, the four-acre waterway is one of the most beautiful Rhode Island attractions for couples. Especially, the evenings make for a perfect romantic outing, with more than a hundred bonfires lighting up the river. Street performs entertain the tourists all through the year, making them aware of the culture that is distinctive of Providence.

People watching floating fire show on the river

Narragansett Bay Beaches

Finding themselves amid the white expanse of the Narragansett Bay beach is the perfect idea of Rhode Island attractions for couples. Lazing around with your family is the best thing you could do here, and it is what you should do!

Bay are beach side

These were our picks among places to visit in Rhode Island. Of course, we could not cover it all, but it is all yours to explore when you get there!

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