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The revolutionary era of America is quite apparent in the city of Boston. There are examples of the monuments of that era on every street of Boston and it’s a pilgrimage trail for the travelers who are interested in history.  There are several beautiful places to see and enjoy in Boston and we will be suggesting the names of 7 such places. The major views are available at the banks of river Charles and there are several recreational areas in the city which makes it a perfect place to visit with families. The abundance of restaurants will make sure that you are never hungry on the streets of Boston.

Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is one of the most magnificent places to visit in Boston as the three-mile trail consists of at least 16 monuments and sites which have marked the revolutionary era. There are many historical events that have taken place on the trail of Freedom and one of the most famous of these events includes the Boston Tea Party. It is definitely among the places to visit in Boston

Faneuil Hall

The Faneuil Hall is also known as the cradle of liberty as it was built by a famous architect in the years 1740. He had said that he would build such a magnificent architecture only on one condition. His condition was that the people must be allowed to enter the hall whenever they want. Thus, the ground floor has the market area which is open at all times and the fourth storey has been developed into a museum that contains the uniforms and weaponry from the American Wars. It is among the best vacation spots, Boston

Fenway Park

Fenway Park is one of the most favorite parks of all Americans and even if you are not a big fan of sports, you will love a visit here as it is both fun and interesting. After all the name Boston Red Sox had originated from Fenway Park and there are some of the remnants of the older times even now. There are some of the handwritten boards and you will be surprised to know that the huge stadium has a sitting capacity of only 33,000. That is one of the major reasons for the tickets being sparse.

Boston Common Garden Swan Boats

The Oldest Park of Boston is located very close to the Freedom Trail and is celebrated by a number of monuments on all of its sides. The Frog Pond has the common garden swan boats which are a personal favorite of the couples. The Victorian-style botanical garden is what makes up the beauty of the Park and the Freedom trail thus has another notable place to visit in the form of the Frog Pond. One can even skate on the frozen pond in the months of November to mid-March.

Beacon Hill

The Beacon Hill is a posh neighborhood that has the people with “old money” living on it. The street has been traditionally used by the people who had a good taste in the houses. The architectural qualities of the houses make them a curious mix between the architecture of the Confederates and Yankees. Any moment now you may hope to see a Scarlet O’Hara peeking from one of the windows in the homes of the Beacon Hill.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts which is located in Boston is one of the best museums where you can find paintings and artworks from different parts of the world. The works which have been a part of the ancient Greek and the works of the Middle East have found their places in this museum.

Old North Church

The lively Italian neighborhood of Boston has the North Church which is a splendid example of architectural artwork. Paul Revere, a famous activist, had lived in this church building and it is considered to be far away from the Freedom Trail.

Thus, these are some of the places that you must visit if you are making a tour and planning your vacation in Boston. You must also make sure that you search by tourist attractions near me in Boston when you are on the Freedom Trail. Do not miss the mouth-watering delicacies of the city when you are strolling down the streets.

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