Top 7 beaches in UAE 2022 [Tour Hiker]

Once upon a time UAE was a barren deserted land surrounded by nothing but sand, within a few years after the discovery of oil in 1966, UAE managed to rise to the heyday of the country which has now become a famous tourist destination in the world.

UAE is famous for amazing skyscrapers, beautiful beaches and stunning tourist attractions and for being prodigious and attaining perfectionism in all of its tourist destinations.

People across the world visit the UAE for a wide variety of reasons including to see the charismatic and allurement view of top skyscrapers including Burj Al Arab, Marina 101. Each individual must have a dream to sip a cup of Joe on the top floor of the building while enjoying the tempting beauties of the surrounding mesmerizing environment, other people visit for fun and entertainment and to do adventurous types of stuff for instance skydiving, jumping into the deepest swimming pool of the world i.e., Deep Dive Dubai.

Beaches in the UAE have breathtaking scenes. People do surfing, boating, jet skiing, and much more. This all makes them more relaxed and comfort to their body & souls.

Here are the top 7 beaches of Dubai. Visit sure one of them will leave you with unprecedented feelings.

Kite beach:

Kite beach is known among the people due to its popularity with kite surfers and kayaking. Kite beach is a white sand beach, which is one of the cleanest beach with crystal clear water in the heart of Dubai, located in the Umm Suqeim area of just south of Jumeirah.

Why is kite beach famous?

Each spring kite beach hosts Dubai’s annual international kite festival attracting kite flying experts and enthusiasts from across 23 different countries.

List of fun to do at kite beach:

  • Paddleboarding:

If your interest doesn’t fall in kite surfing you can go for paddleboarding, a perfect sport which could refresh your mind and you will enjoy and love while paddling you can take your entire family, date or go single because at kite beach you have options for all.

  • Track for running and walking:

Kite beach provides a perfect track of 7 km for cyclists and runners. Cyclists’ enthusiasts and athletics can come to this place, or if you just want to jog, its perfect place for you, sports enthusiast can get a discount on favorite brand’s shoes at a good price via offonshoes.

  • Volleyball court:

How can we forget about the volleyball court while talking about the beach? Get early as possible to the kite beach take possession of the volleyball court and start playing with your friends, confidant, or family members create vibes while playing enjoy every moment of okay while watching the picturesque view of the beach

  • Adventurous sports:

Kite beach is not only constrained to water-based sport. People who love adventure and got enough courage to do some audacious sports at kite beach got thrilling stuff like ziplines and aerial rope. Zipline and aerial rope always fascinate and attracts adventurous person from bungee ejection to Tarzan swing a lot of fun awaits you.

  • Delicious food:

Since many people from across the world visit kite beach, they all can fulfill their cravings by enjoying eating different types of food ranging from local to foreign cuisines.

Jumeirah Beach:

 Jumeirah Beach is home to some of the World’s renowned attractions including Burj Al Arab the only seven-star was given the title of 8 wonders of the world. Jumeirah Beach is a white sand beach that is located and named after Jumeirah district of Dubai, UAE on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

  • Scuba Diving:

Are you wishing you could take a breath under the sea? Are you a water sport enthusiast? Scuba diving in Jumeirah will relinquish your thirst for adventure. You can have a professional instructor and have an underwater photo of your scuba dive, you can get deals from cobone , great deals ..

  • Jet-skiing:

One-hour ride on the jet ski can perfectly make your day adventurous. The jet sky past the iconic views of the Burj Al Arab and other eye-catching skyscrapers. In one ticket you can enjoy the charismatic view of the sea, alluring beauties of environs and adventure ride filled our hearts with excitement.

Al Mamzar Beach:

Situated along the west coast of Deira, Mamzar beach is made up of five great beaches for relaxing and swimming this beach has been a family favorite in Dubai for many years. It is characterized by its soft white sand and a vast green area. You can grab a shaded spot and set up your picnic or head to the designated barbecue area with your gear for some charcoal grilling.

  • Play and sports facilities:

There are plenty of activities children could do to engage themselves happily from football courts to skateboard parks in between also basketball courts where sports freak children could come and enjoy playing a wide variety of sports and spend quality time while engaging themselves in healthy sports.

  • Al Mamzar Park:

It is easily accessible by the public there are numerous entrances for the convenience of the audience gates are specified for cars and individuals of all distinguishing features the swimming pool is one the best large swimming is divided into 3 sections for adults and children alongside the swimming pools shades and changing rooms are available for the visitors to halt the happening of emergency relating to drowning, a permanent lifeguard is always available.

Saadiyat beach:

Saadiyat beach has been placed in the list of top ten beaches of the Middle East. It is located in Abu Dhabi, It has everything from beach yoga classes to eco-friendly watersports activities such as windsurfing and sailing, this area is rich with wildlife including endangered hawks, and turtles that use the beach as their nesting, and breeding ground, and if you love the beach with a side of eco-conscious save this one for you.

  • Resorts at the Saadiyat Island:

Saadiyat Island has 5-star resorts as well ST Regis and Saadiyat island resort is a great place where you can restore your energy level. Their resorts offer direct access to Saadiyat beach where you can enjoy beautiful bands’ eye-catching views and calm yourself to the tune of waves crashing on the shore, resorts are also embedded in their art room indoor pools and spa.

  • Shop at Saadiyat Island:

All online shopaholics look for great discounts for their purchases and FashionSaviour helps them in the best way in such situations. But shops at Saadiyat Island are also a perfect place for a shopaholic person, laid out around an archetypical Mediterranean plaza. This miniature mall features 26 high-end stores. You can spot spinney supermarket, Yas, The Royal Name of perfume, heritage touch, Baskin Robbins along with other shops.

Corniche beach:

The majority of the best beaches are located in Abu Dhabi. Corniche beach is not only home to turquoise water and soft white sand, it also has a beautiful seaside boardwalk. It is also home to a manicured garden. Sunset is a great time to capture photos.

  • Yellow boat:

A 60 minutes ride will let you explore so many wonderful things including the majestic Emirates palace you can click your new Instagram profile with skyscrapers in the backdrop you will also see many of the yachts docked at the shore.

The 2 places you will never regret seeing will be Corniche Abu Dhabi itself, the paranormal and tempting views of corniche make it look 10 times prettier.

Lastly, you will have a glance at the wooden boats of fishermen docked at the fisherman’s village. The simplicity here would be in stark contrast to the careful design outlook of two prior sights.

La Mer Beach:

It is located between the Pearl Jumeirah and Jumeirah Bay. La Mer beach is home to several entertainment and adventure activities; the entertainment hub includes a water park, surf park, and trampoline park.

  • Enjoy the sun, sand, and shore:

You must have enjoyed nature in the comfort of your home. However, a lot of outdoor products can be purchased at discounted prices through the best deals available at RedeemOnLiving making your trip spellbinding and comfortable. Docked by the beach, spend your day at La Mer with wind crossing your hair, balmy sun working a tan carefully, sand on your toes, a cold breeze of air piercing through your body, at this beach you can choose simply lounge by the beachside cabanas with your latest read or you can Block your private cabanas at a seaside breeze and unwind with uninterrupted views.

  • Water sports:

If you adhere to water sports, La Mer is just the best place where you will find unprecedented experience, watersports include flyboarding, jet skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, and making your way to south beach for all the non-motorized rental activities like water bike kayaking and pedal boats. I bet on your visiting and engaging in the aforementioned sports will leave an unforgettable experience in your mind.

Marina beach:

Dubai Marina is one of the Emirates residential and entertainment districts and you will discover even more fun in your vocation. This amazing place is home to both beach and cosmopolitan vibes. Built on the man-made canal and situated on the coast of the Arabian gulf here you will find shiny modern high-rise luxury apartments block, five-star beaches resorts, dozens of restaurants, local and international boutiques and shops, and a multitude of running paths for your enjoyment.

  • Zero gravity beach club:

Visiting Marina beach without zero gravity beach club incompletes your trip. The massive beach club is one of the hottest attractions ‘zero gravity is a place of entertainment and relaxation where you can lounge under an umbrella or take a dip in the club’s glass-walled infinity pool.

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