Top 6 Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Did you know that over two-thirds of travellers across the world are women? According to reports from the Travel Industry Association, over 32 million women in the US alone travel every year. This is to say that women organize holiday trips over men. Therefore, travel industries are competing to offer top-notch services to solo female travellers. To ensure you get a memorable experience during your trip, we have gathered excellent solo women’s travel ideas. We will look at that in a moment.

Why Do Women Prefer to Travel Alone?

The increase in sole women’s travels created the need to establish why women prefer to travel alone. Travel experts surveyed to find out the reasons. Most women who had traveled without their partners had almost similar ideas. They include; 

•           In the quest for freedom

•           Needed sometimes alone 

•           Self- realization and to build confidence 

Great Ideas for Solo Female Travelers 

Below we have narrowed down great travel tips and ideas for solo female travelers;

Select a suitable holiday destination

An ideal holiday destination should match your interests and taste. You should come up with a list of the best travel destinations for solo women. After that, narrow them depending on your taste until you settle for a perfect target destination. To select a great destination, you can draw inspiration from your favourite movies, travel books, and stories. That way, you will have a remarkable travel experience.

Plan your trip in advance

Planning for a solo woman trip during the last-minute rush is an awful idea. You need to plan the travel day, pack your necessities, and book affordable accommodation. However, if this burden is too much to bear, you can search for solo female travel experts to take care of your travel plans.

Set a budget

To achieve rewarding solo female travel, you have to come up with a budget. This is to avoid running out of money in a foreign nation. For instance, going to expensive hotels and spending money on unnecessary stuff will send you into a financial crisis during your trip.

Pack light 

Packing light will save you lots of money, not to mention it will save you lots of stress. However, do not leave essential personal effects. Besides, you will need hiking boots and attires, party clothes and so on. Your packing should depend on the activities you plan to indulge in.

You don’t have to be a loner throughout the trip

 Even though you are planning for a solo woman trip, you don’t have to enjoy the trip alone. For instance, you can have a night out to meet new friends, visit classic hotels and pubs to find a new company. In the process, you will come into contact with fellow solo women travelers, and you can start a lasting friendship. 

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Detach yourself from electronics for a while

If you intend to go on a solo trip to have some time alone, you may not achieve that with your phone switched on. You can shut it down for a while to reconnect with your inner self. Women lead busy lives with demands from families and jobs. Hence, you may feel overwhelmed. But a day out alone can be a game-changer.

Finally, the above solo women travel ideas will help you achieve a satisfying travel experience. Do not forget that your safety comes first. Select a safe destination to avoid putting yourself in harm’s way.

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