Top 6 Places to visit in Joypur, Assam

Apart from Joypur rainforest, the place Joypur has so many magnificent beauties that tourists would die to visit; of course not literally. But, the natural enclaves, scenic panorama and mesmerising landscapes of Joypur literally can take your breath for a few moments. Let’s see what the other attractions of Joypur are that can bring travellers from around the world.

Namphake Buddhist Monastery

As far as the monasteries in North East India are concerned, this particular one is rather a new one. The campus is serene and scenic. There is no entry fee for regular travelers, but if you want the premises for a picnic, you have to pay due charges. However, the sunset in the nearby River Burhidihing can be an extra fun.

Joypur Rainforest:

Sitting on a sprawling area of one hundred and eight sq. km, this evergreen rainforest is the home to over one hundred orchids and other unique flora and fauna. There are many transportation options to reach this wildlife reserve. You can take private car from Guwahati or Nharakatia. However, if you are planning for a budget trip, you can go for bus, from both the cities. The best time to visit this ‘one of its kind’ wildlife reserve is the second week of February and experience the amazing Rainforest Festival. During this time the tourist can take part in various activities like river rafting, hiking, camping, trekking, bird watching and elephant riding. But, if you are going here during the festival do not forget about Joypur Forest Resort booking in advance.

Jokai Botanical Garden

It is a garden in Bolai T. E. in Assam. The place is a natural home to many species of plants and creepers. Another amazing thing about this garden is that if you are quite enough you can meet a lot of colourful butterflies. In summer, the place is very cool and shady. There are many big trees with bigger shades where you can take rest during a hot summer day. The water body harbour many plants as well and invites many birds all over the year.

Dibru saikhowa National Park

Located in Dibrugarh district, with some parts in Tinsukia district, this reserve forest was designated as a Biosphere Reserve in the year 1997. The total area of the national park is almost 765 km2, of which 340 square kilometres is core area and 425 square kilometres are buffer zone. If you want to explore the park in its entirety, you can live with the indigenous people in the forest. In the animal section, one can spot the thirty six different species of mammals, two species of monitor lizards and eight species of turtles and so many more.

Dilli Ghat

Located near the Tea Estate of Borpatra, Dilli Ghat is a part of a Reserve Forest that houses on the two sides of a river. Formerly a coal mine area, this is now a very attractive tourist attraction. The road towards this spot is wonderful. The cool mountain breeze, the sound of the flowing river and the smell of the green forest can have a magical effect on the tourists.

Merbeel Island of Silence

As the name suggests, this is a sanctuary of silence. You can take an afternoon off and spend it here with the birds chirping above you and the sprawling green of the terrain calling your name. You can bring children here and let them play with the rides. The activities include boating, walking along the trails. There are traditional huts for rest house with simple thatch over it. However, the most striking attraction of the place is the traditional Eco Tourism with Food.

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