Top 6 Hawaiian Islands with the Best Beaches

Hawaiian beaches are loved by tourists all over the world because of their quiet, green sand beaches and snorkelling havens. Mixing a tryst with the local customs with the relaxation of a lifetime, Hawaii is a treat like no other. Hawaii liberates you of your inhibitions, so travel to Big Island and watch the green turtles saunter down the beach or seek seclusion in Lanai. Let us now look at the main attractions offered by the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii that you cannot miss.

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The Big Island

From volcano formations to lush jungles, along with the ever-present beaches, the Big Island is a presence you cannot ignore while in Hawaii. The Kilauea Volcano has shaped the structure of the island since the 1980s, and its most recent eruption was in 2018. The rugged landscape of the island does not make much for a family vacation, but it is a terrific trekking opportunity. The island stretches from the west to the east, and you can swim with the majestic Manta Rays on the beaches at night!



Kauai in Hawaii compared to other states is more laid-back and complete with State Parks and canyons. Kauai is fuss-free, and it will surely appeal to you if you are more interested in its culture rather than wanting it to conform to your ideas of luxury. The resorts in Kauai are not high-rises threatening to obliterate the skyline but simple, thoughtful spaces. You will also like Kauai if you prefer the calm of the bucolic rather than the bling of the mall.

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Oahu, Honolulu

Honolulu blends the cosmopolitan with the scenic better than any other island in Hawaii. The water is blue, and the place is surrounded by hiking trails that beckon you in its mystique. The place also has some of the best restaurants on the island, so do not miss your chance to sit down for traditional Hawaiian lunch.

Coconut trees on island shore


If you are mesmerized by the beauty of Lanai, you are on the same list as Bill Gates and Larry Ellison! These people are known to have been fascinated by Lanai, and Ellison even acquired almost all of Lanai in 2012. The major attractions at Lanai are probably the Munro Trail and Shipwreck Beach. The Munro Trail is a 13-mile long stretch that allows a view of all six of the Hawaiian Islands. All three components that make up the Hawaiian essence—the woods, the canyons and the sea—are visible from the Munro Trail. The roads leading to the Trail are a bit rugged, so it is better to travel in a sturdy jeep if you are travelling with your family. The Shipwreck Beach may have been closed for swimming or snorkelling, but the road leading up to it is still a favourite among trekkers.

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There is hardly anything that you cannot do in Maui. There are professional golf courses, splendid restaurants, scenic beaches, and gushing waterfalls to keep you company. The nightlife at Maui is also one of the best in Hawaii. Finally, a visit to Hana lets you enjoy a picturesque drive along the beach. The pineapple tour is a popular pastime with tourists who are delighted to witness first-hand the cultivation of the fruit.

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Molokai gets you into a time-warp as soon as you set foot on its soil. On this beach, it will never occur to you that overpopulation is a raging problem in the world right now. You could choose to go on a privately guided tour to the Kalaupapa National Historical Park or sojourn at Papohaku Beach Park. A visit to the Halawa Valley is a must if you want to have a taste of the local history. The valley also has one of the best waterfalls in Hawaii.

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What is the best time of year to go to Hawaii?

The best time to visit Hawaiian island best beaches is probably between March and September. This is the time of the year when the rainfall in Hawaii is low and the temperature warmest. The temperature never crosses 30 degrees during this time of the year, so lazing around on beaches will be super fun. In the evenings, though, you will need a sweater to keep you comfortable, as it typically gets a bit chilly.

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However, if you want to click pictures of yourself with snow-capped mountains, the rest of the year provides a better opportunity. Moreover, during this offseason, Hawaii is significantly bereft of travellers, so you could expect a bit of peace. There are no surfers around this time because the ocean turns peaceful, so that takes a considerable crowd off the list.

Whichever time you pick to visit the Hawaiian island best beaches, make sure you follow the Covid protocols enforced by the state. With the vaccination process in full swing, you could expect a return to normalcy soon. We recommend going through the updated VISA rules before you plan your journey to these beautiful islands.

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What Hawaiian Islands Have Active Volcanoes?

If you are wondering which Hawaiian island to visit to take a glimpse at active volcanoes, here is a guide. There are five active volcanoes in Hawaii, and four of them are located in the Big Island. These four volcanoes are Kilauea, Mauna Kea, Hualalai, and Mauna Loa. You could take a bicycle tour to these places to understand how the mighty forces of nature carved the landscape. There are not many tourists in these areas throughout the year, so a guided tour could be an enriching experience. The remaining volcano, Mount Haleakala, is located at Maui. There is also a sleeping volcano underwater at Kilauea near Big Island called Loihi, which is a source of popular speculations.

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These are the places that you could keep on your list while you consider Hawaii Island hopping. So, plan your itinerary at the earliest so that you can book your air tickets and your favourite resort hassle-free. We wish you a safe and happy journey!

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