Top 5 Prettiest cities to visit in China

China has a number of pretty cities, where you will be mesmerized by the natural beauty all around you. The ambience will help you to relax on your trip to these cities and your eyes will feast on the serene beauty that these cities offer. Here is a list of the five best places to visit in China that also happens to be the prettiest.

These are some of the prettiest cities of China for you to visit to make your china trip memorable. Besides these, there are a lot more cities and destinations to explore in China, each one with its unique beauty and adventure.

Guilin city:

Guilin is a beautiful city in China that is located in the Guangxi Province of South China. The beauty of the place is legendary and is a part of the folklore of China. A trip to Guilin will offer one with bamboo-lined rivers, karst peaks, caves, and rice terraces. There is the Li River, which happens to be in its most enchanting form with its karst peak between Yangshuo and Guilin. The Guilin prefecture also holds spectacular mountain terraces. There is also the Elephant Hill that unites the river and rock in Guilin.

Huangshan city:

Huangshan or the Yellow Mountains is another beautiful city in China situated in Anhui Province of Central east China. The scenic features that this place offers are strange-shaped pines, curious rocks, and a sea of clouds. There are the Yellow Mountains, that have attained a legendary name for their beauty. The all-consuming beauty of the peaks of the mountain surrounded by twisted pines and floating clouds make this the most visited city in China. Besides, Xin’an River offers a wonderful route for hiking and Tachuan is especially famous for its hues of the fall season.

Shigatse City :

Mount Everest happens to be the best scenic feature that Shigatse offers. It is located in Tiber, West China. Even on days when clouds engulf the peak, journeying to the Everest Base Camp through the rugged mountains of the Himalayas gives an extremely exciting and incredible journey. A number of pilgrims make their pilgrimage to the Shigatse Prefecture only to marvel at Mount Everest.

Jiuzhaigou city :

Jiuzhaigou offers visitors colourful river and lakes and is rightfully a beautiful city in China. Along with the colourful rivers, one can wander through the frosted and beautiful valleys, like, Rize, Shuzheng, Changhai, Jianyan, and Zharu that this place holds. The high valleys are listed in the Natural World Heritage list and come under the finest mountain areas of China that are accessible by tourists.

Zhangjiajie City:

The Zhangjiajie Prefecture located in the Hunan Province of South-Central China is known for its amazing forest consisting of high rising sandstone pillars and the deep canyons of the Wulingyuan Scenic Area.  A tour to Zhangjiajie will give one the chance to explore the waterfalls of Baofeng Lake, the Yellow Dragon Cavern, and a huge variety of plants. The Yellow Dragon Cavern also happens to be one of the largest limestone caves situated in China.

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