Top 10 Places to visit in Las Vegas

Known as the sin city of the world, Las Vegas is the 25th most popular city in the United States of America. Surrounded by mountain ranges and deserts, Las Vegas is an oasis of fun and excitement that invites millions of tourists and visitors every year from all around the world. The whole city is a tourist spot, where you can enjoy and explore. However, here is the list of the top ten attractive places to visit in Las Vegas.

The Strip Street:

When people imagine Las Vegas, it is this street named the Strip that they imagine. The scene around the Strip is the quintessential Las Vegas of any time. One of the must-do actions of Las Vegas is to walk down this 2.5 miles long road and internalise the scenes around here that include entertainment palaces, performance venues, fine dining restaurants, and luxury hotels. The walk is almost double as fun and exciting at night. The area becomes a procession of endless neon signs.  

Photo by Quintin Gellar:

Helicopter Ride of the city and the canyon:

If you like to orbit around the city and its surrounding before stepping into the Sin hub of the world, you can take a helicopter ride from the city itself. There are lots of companies who offer the tourists this entertainment. This ride allows you to have a dashing aerial view of the Strip, the desert and as far as the Grand Canyon.

Fremont Street:

The best experience of this Fremont Street is to walk along with it at night. This street of the old downtown area of Las Vegas is a pedestrian-only site. A particular area of the street is covered with LED lights that illuminate the road with colours and spectacular visuals while the visitors walk below. In addition, there is a musical show every night overhead on this street. The helicopter city trip covers this area and you can have a glittering show of the street from above.

Gondola ride at Venetian Hotel:

This place along the Strip is a piece of Venice with its crystal clear water, quaint building and Venetian gondolas rides. Inside the resort, there is a decorated arcade themed to have a Venetian look. The resemblance is quite good with clear blue sky, gondolas, and canals. There are other attractions of Venice like the Bridge of Sighs. If you want to see the whole complex you can take a ride on the decorated gondolas, where you will be soothed by the native songs of the gondoliers.

Fountain Show at Bellagio Resort:

Las Vegas travel guide includes Bellagio Resort as one of the most expensive hotel properties in the city. The sprawling property of the resort includes so many diverse monuments and fun activities, such as a botanical garden, a conservatory, the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts, a spa, and a salon. And the best feature of this resort is the dancing fountain along the Strip. The pedestrians have a ringside view of this water fun. The music is catchy and the illumination at night adds more to its glamour.

The amazing fountains at night at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Eiffel Tower and the Paris Hotel:

This is one of the most famous resorts in the city guide Las Vegas. Located on the Strip, the resort has a scaled replica of the Eiffel tower in front of it. The Eiffel Tower has an observation deck above forty-six stories and offers a 360-degree view of the city. The visitors can also visit the Paris Opera House recreation down the road. One floor below the observation deck, there is a fine dining restaurant that serves food and the pleasure of a stunning view altogether.

Volcano and Secret Garden at Mirage Hotel:

The glow of the red hot fire from the volcanoes in front of the spectacular Mirage hotel is a wonderful and obvious sight from the sidewalk of the street of Las Vegas. The Strip becomes much more attractive with the night illumination and the red explosions at definite intervals from the volcanoes. The secret garden of Siegfried and Roy is set inside the Mirage hotel that houses a wide variety of exotic animals and dolphins. The visitors can see the white lions frolicking around and the dolphins swimming and greeting in their 2.5 million gallons of water bodies.

High Roller Ferris Wheel at the Linq:

City guide Las Vegas will definitely set your route encompassing this giant Ferris wheel that stands tall at almost 550 feet and claims to be the biggest Ferris wheel in the world. The wheel takes half an hour to go a full circle and each cabin has a capacity of 40 persons. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that allows you to soak up the breathtaking view of the city. Especially, Strip Street is particularly visible from the wheel. The city changes its look at night when the streets and hotels and casinos are illuminated, and the city looks like a piece of giant jewellery.

  • The Mob Museum:

Set in a unique neoclassical building of 1933, this museum, officially named the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement is a standout tourist attraction in Nevada, Las Vegas. This museum has a unique history of its own and the visitors can know it all through the documents, interactive shows and live shows regarding the Mob history of the United States of America. The permanent exhibits deal with the culture, events, and fashion of the time.

  • Stratosphere Tower:

Every Las Vegas travel guide will insist you hit this amazing tower that gives you a bird’s eye view of the whole city and its surrounding. An unavoidable sight in the skyline, this tower has a total height of 1,149 feet and has a Skypod at the top of it. This tallest freestanding tower in the USA has multiple observation decks, a fully decorated chapel for weddings and a wonderful restaurant. For more drama, you can try the thrill rides like Big Shot, SkyJump, Insanity and X Scream.

These are the top ten spots that one must cover during his or her first trip to Las Vegas.

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