Top 10 Places to Visit in Hong kong

With the pandemic slowly coming under control, people are again eager to travel to their favorite destinations. The new normal of wearing masks and keeping everything sanitized, a lot of countries are opening up for tourists from all over the world. 

If you are someone who has always wanted to visit Hong Kong and is currently wondering if it is safe to travel to Hong Kong then you should be glad because Hong kong has opened up for tourists with necessary safety precautions taken. The city, which is famous for its luxurious and glamorous ways, is also a city that is soaked in culture and history and has a plethora of beautiful things to offer to the tourists beyond its stunning skyline and delicious food.

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With everything unique that the city has to offer, here is a list of the ten most beautiful places to visit in Hong kong.

Star Ferry:

If you travel to Hong Kong from the Philippines or from any other place, you should not miss the ride on Star Ferry. The ride costs only a few Hong Kong dollars and that makes it one of the most lucrative travel deals. Victoria Harbor happens to be a spot buzzing with activities where ships of all shapes and sizes move past each other without any collision ever.

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Victoria Peak:

Your Hong Kong travel will remain incomplete if you do not take the skyline from Victoria Peak, which is more popularly known as The Peak. You can take a tram to ride to this beautiful viewpoint and enjoy the city bustling with activities, the skyscrapers, the surrounding islands, and the harbours. 

A huge park with lush vegetation, natural paths, and more stunning lookouts with views over the bustling metropolis below covers the majority of The Peak.

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Wong Tai Sin Temple:

This temple happens to be one of the newest temples situated in Hong Kong and despite that, it has gained quite a lot of popularity. The temple was initially built as a private structure back in 1920 and is located in Kowloon. What the visitors get to witness today is a new building that was constructed in the year 1968.

The temple was constructed to celebrate the Taoist deity Wong Tai Sin, who is revered by the people as a healer of diseases and a bringer of good luck in horse racing. Each fall, a celebration honouring Wong Tai Sin is celebrated at the temple.

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Temple Street Night Market:

When in Hong Kong, one should not miss taking a stroll through the strikingly beautiful Temple Street Night Market. Situated in Kowloon, this place will satiate your inner foodie and shopper. You will get to have a delicious assortment of food here and can shop to your heart’s content. However, make sure to keep your bargaining skills polished before visiting this market to steal the best deals.

The market starts opening up around 6 pm. However, it is better to arrive there rather late so that you do not have to miss a shop that has not yet opened up.

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Big Budhha:  

Another one of Hong kong’s primary attractions happens to be the statue of “Big Budhha ” which is 34 meters high and sits atop the Po Lin Monastery in Lantau Island. The place was pretty secluded until this statue was built in the year 1993. It took almost twelve years to build this one-of-a-kind statue of Buddha. 

The size of the statue is something to marvel at; both from up close and far away. The surrounding ambience of the statue also happens to be beautiful with lush greenery and island and views over the ocean all around.

Ocean Park: 

If you are someone who loves theme parks, Ocean Park would be your perfect destination in Hong kong as you will have a pretty solid thrilling experience here. Visiting the park would ensure that you get to take a walk through old Hong kong, see a Grand Aquarium, ride roller coasters, and also witness exotic and rare wildlife creatures. 

Ocean Park has a massive aquarium dome with thousands of fish over 400 different species, a Reef Tunnel, and the opportunity to touch sea stars and sea cucumbers.

Repulse Bay and the Beaches:

Hong Kong generally doesn’t remind people of beaches but as a tourist, you won’t have to take much trouble to enjoy some amazing stretches of soft sandy beaches. In all of Hong Kong, the beach at Repulse Bay happens to be the most popular with stunning views and swimming options. 

A major plus point of this beach is that it is not very touristy and so if you would like some peaceful travel time in Hong kong while admiring nature’s beauty, this beach should definitely be on your list.

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Dragon’s Back Hike:

If you find yourself craving some time away from the confined beauty of Hong Kong city, then you can try visiting Dragon’s Back Hike. This hiking trail is one of Hong kong’s most popular and offers a spectacular view over the ocean, Mount Collinson, Big Wave Bay, Shek O, and Stanley.

Hiking on Dragon’s Back will give you a pleasurable change of scenery and ambience as you will be enjoying the sounds of small waterfalls, chirping of birds, and rustling leaves away from the buzzing sound of the main city.

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Avenue of Stars:

Visit the Avenue of Stars if you want to get away from the city skyscrapers and into a wide-open landscape with a dash of culture. This is where the city pays tribute to some of Hong Kong’s most well-known actors and actresses. The Avenue of Stars, similar to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, is dedicated to Chinese performers.

Tai O Fishing Village:

A trip to Tai O will provide you with an experience that cannot be found anywhere else in Hong kong. Despite being a popular destination among tourists, Tai O happens to be quite different from the busy fish markets and theme parks of the city. 

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These are some of the best places in Hong kong that you can visit on your tour and bring back a bag of unforgettable memories with you.

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