Top 10 Best places to visit in Gwadar, Pakistan

Anyone who loves to travel must be aware of the beauty of Gwadar, Pakistan. Gwadar happens to be the port city that is situated on Balochistan’s southwestern coast. Due to its unfortunate history and Pakistan’s constantly slipping stability, Balochistan is the only province in Pakistan that has not been able to offer its people its splendour, exuberance, and vibrancy, but thankfully, over time, Balochistan has been recognized for its importance and beauty, just like every other province in Pakistan.

Here is a list of the ten places to visit in Gwadar that are breathtaking with their beauty and will give you a memorable experience while you visit Gwadar as a tourist. 

1. The Sphinx:

People commonly associate the Sphinx with Egypt only. However, there’s one naturally built Sphinx in Gwadar adding to the beauty of Gwadar. Makran’s shoreline is lined with magnificent rocky cliffs and hills, one of which is fashioned like a sphinx, complete with sharp cuts for features and a steep headdress, just like Nemes. This place happens to be one of the most popular places among tourists who come from all across the globe. 

Naturally built Sphinx, Gwadar – Image credit: Wikipedia

2. The Gwadar Port:

The Gwadar Port happens to be located around 700kms away from the city of Karachi. This particular port used to be a fishing village where professionals would fish. It was turned into a port shortly after. The port is a great place for tourists to enjoy a day on the water; boating and fishing. It also works as the joining port that connects Pakistan to Central Asia and the Middle East. Tourists can also expect to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea on their visit to the port.

Image credit: Wikipedia

3. Marine Drive:

Gwadar sea beach can be a beautiful sight to behold. The same applies to the Gwadar Marine Drive. It is a picturesque road that is built along the shores of the sea, located in the western part of the city. The beauty of the road matches international standards and the views are charming. 

Tourists can also enjoy a soothing drive along the road at night with beautiful lights and the beach air on their faces. The night view of the Marine Drive is equally breathtaking and would leave one with a bucket full of unforgettable memories. People who love beaches and the wind of the sea should make it a point to not miss this particular place.

Image credit: mntoori.comTwitter

4. Astola Island:

Astola translates into seven rocks. This beautiful island happens to be situated around 40kms away from the area of Pansi. Tourists can easily access this island by hiring motorboats from Pansi. The ride takes around five hours. Once on this 7kms long island, tourists can enjoy fishing and scuba diving-like activities. There are also green turtles and dolphins to behold on the island which only adds to its charm. There happens to be one Hindu temple here named “Kali Devi Temple”, which is quite old and is a particular favourite among the people of the Hindu faith.

Image credit: Wikipedia

5. Koh-e-Batil:

Koh-e-Batil can be called one of Gwadar’s glories. It happens to be the most famous Gwadar hill that is situated at a height of 470ft, in the southern part of the city. Koh-e-Batil is 10kms in length and stretches 2kms in terms of width. One can have mesmerizing views of the entire city of Gwadar and the Hammerhead Peninsula from the top of his hill. However, there are 700 stairs to be crossed to reach the top; but, once you are there, the views are worth it. 

6. Hammerhead:

This place got its name because of the shape that it holds. It came into being by the works of the mud volcano as the various other rocks in Gwadar had been created. Sea lovers will particularly love this place as one can see the Arabian sea to their south and the city of Gwadar is visible on the north. The view offered by the place is unforgettable and will stay with you even after your trip.

Image credit: Earth Observatory NASA

7. Historic Shahi Bazar:

Located right in the heart of the old Gwadar, the historic Shahi Bazar happens to be one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. Though most of the glory that the place had in the bygone days has faded away, there remains a charm of the old times with its deserted stress, broken houses, and a few local shops to take you back on a trip to the past.

Image credit: Pakvoices

8. Hingol National Park:

Hingol National Park is Pakistan’s largest national park, with an area of around 1,650 square kilometres. Undoubtedly, it is one of the greatest destinations to visit in Gwadar. Hingol National Park also includes the Great Sphinx of Balochistan and the Princess of Hope. This park is a pleasure hub for adventurers, with a variety of ibexes and other creatures to view. It is also a leading place in Pakistani tourism.

Image credit: Wikipedia

9. Sunset View Park Gwadar:

If you are in Gwadar and a lover of sunsets then Sunset View park is a must-visit destination for you. The sunset from this park is breathtaking and is something that will stay with you forever. The park is situated on the right tip of hammerhead and acts as an important place that helps Gwadar tourism to flourish. It is a rather newly constructed place but is unmissable. 

Image credit:

10. Ormara Beach:

Ormara is located in the Gwadar district of Balochistan. Ormara’s Double Crescents Beach in Gwadar is one of the city’s several beaches. It offers a breath-taking panorama of mountains and rivers. The waves crashing against the jagged cliffs and rolling on the sand beneath the unpredictably changing sky will leave you speechless.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

These are some of the best places in Gwadar that you should visit on your trip to the place. However, there are numerous other places that the city has to offer and each of them is equally beautiful and breathtaking. You should choose the places as per your liking of the landscape and it would ensure you a very happy time in Gwadar. 

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