Things to Do in Dubai at Night

Dubai is bustling with nightlife on any day of the year. For this reason, tourists are never left to wonder what they would do on an otherwise promising evening. From exquisite nightclubs to malls that have pretty much everything under one roof—you name it and Dubai has it. Do not worry if you are not someone who enjoys warm conviviality to boisterous enjoyment. Dubai Nightlife has ample scope for that too. You can saunter along the lake by the mall with your loved one. Or maybe catch up with like-minded people who have come for a cultural event! Whatever be your taste, let us look at a few things that could keep you engaged during your stay in Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa

As you might have guessed, this place indeed is on the top of the Dubai nightclubs list. Why not? At 2,722 feet, it is the tallest structure in the world! The place provides you a humbling experience as you feel your spatial insignificance at such a height. If you are in Dubai with your loved one, you should definitely visit this place. Hailed as one of the most romantic places to visit in the city, you will certainly see why. It is located at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, and the entry price is around INR 3000. If you ask us, it is not too much for the experience it offers. Dine at the lounge, stroll by the fountains, and get overwhelmed by the height.

The Underwater Zoo

This place could undeniably hold the first place along with the Burj Khalifa. Flaunting over 30,000 species of aquatic fauna, the underwater zoo is nothing short of a wonderland. What’s more, this wonderland could be a great learning scope for your kids! If you are visiting Dubai with your family, the underwater zoo should definitely be on your list. If you think you are jaded with these wonders, be sure to be captivated by the architectural brilliance of this place. The place is open from 10 am to 11pm, and costs just half the amount you would pay at the Burj!

The Desert Safari

This option is really obvious, although not an automatic choice for Dubai Nightlife. However, take our word for it; dinner under the skies with your partner would be so much special. If you had our imagination that is feeding on the starlit sky, the cool breeze and the warmth of a bonfire, you would probably start packing by now. Safaris are a bit costly for obvious reasons, car rentals being one of them. However, it should cost you not more than ten grand. Given the experience, it is quite a win-win deal. The desert safari wraps up by 9.30, so dinner would be timely, and you would return on time for bed.

The Dubai Creek

We would recommend this place so that you can soak in the spirit of modernity that Dubai represents. Be sure that you would have no shortage of content for your Instagram profile. Click those stunners by the skyscrapers and the lake to show off the beautiful vacation you are spending! This outing should pair up well with the ones on the Dubai night clubs list.

Dubai Garden Glow

Get a taste of a beautiful entertainment park, Dubai style! Get back to the era of the dinosaurs and the ice age, and the art and the glow parks. The last one is especially meant for the Arabic night Dubai because of the spectacular lighting it flaunts. The poetry of Islamic architecture is presented aptly through such representations.

These were our picks for the Dubai Nightlife. Wish you a happy and safe journey!

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