The 11 Most Beautiful Roads In the World

We have selected for you mythical, enchanting routes, which will become the main element of your next trip. From the classic “Route 66” in the United States to the lesser-known “Hai Van Pass” in Vietnam, take the time to “live your paths” through these roads of oblivion.

1. Tianmen Road – China

The Tianmen Road, located in the north of Hunan province, is also called “Sky Road”. If it holds this nickname, it’s not so much because its uphill turns seem to lead straight to paradise, but for a completely different reason.

After 11 kilometres and no less than 99 bends revealing impressive views of the natural landscapes of this Chinese country, the Tianmen Road reveals, at its highest point, an impressive natural arch 131 meters high and 30 meters wide opening onto the sky.

If the Tianmen Road is part of our ranking of the most beautiful roads in the world, it is also one of the most dangerous. Its tight turns, often 180 ° and its drop of more than 1,000 meters, are sometimes difficult to negotiate and will deserve your greatest attention.

If you don’t feel like walking this winding road, you can always take the cable car that will allow you to admire it, and arrive directly at the top.

2. Atlantic Road – Norway

The “Atlantic Road” is one of the most scenic wonders in the world. Indeed, each of the 8 bridges that compose it seems to come out of a different universe.

It took no less than 6 years for the workers to build this 8.3 km road, in particular because of the more than difficult climatic conditions. Indeed, during these six years, the site will have had to face… 12 hurricanes!

However, thanks to hard work, these same workers finally won their bet to build one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Located in the northern part of the coastal area of ​​Hustadvika in Norway, it should be a real must-see on your next Nordic trip.

3. Great Ocean Road – Australia

The Great Ocean Road is particularly aptly named. For nearly 243 kilometers, it runs along the ocean from Torquay (south of Geelong) to Allansford (east of Warrnambool). But think again, and prepare to take your time, because it will take you well over a day to appreciate all the surprises this Australian wonder has to offer.

In addition to the world-famous surfing competitions, and the Twelve Apostles spot , there are also national parks, private beaches and surprise visits of kangaroos and koalas that will liven up your trip.

4. Hai Van Pass – Vietnam

This fabulous Vietnamese road is by scooter (or motorbike) that we advise you to walk it! The Hai Van Pass stretches for about twenty kilometers, between Danang and Hue, in central Vietnam.

While what we consider to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world was crowded a short time ago, this is no longer the case at all. Indeed, since the opening of the Hai Van tunnel in 2005, trucks, buses and other cars no longer take the time (nor the risk) to skirt the coast and its 496 meters above sea level.

Thus, you will enjoy a route offering you landscapes that only Vietnam has the secret, and that are almost absolute calm, surrounded by other bikers and experienced cyclists.

5. Icefields Parkway – Canada

The Icefields Parkway is one of Canada’s greatest wonders (also known as “Highway 93”). 229 kilometers long, it connects the towns of Jasper and Lake Louise in the eastern part of the country.

Unlike the Great Ocean Road (seen above), the Icefields Parkway is quite doable in one day. You can still take many breaks on the motorway areas located not far from all the remarkable spots offered by this route.

From the Crowfoot Glacier to the impressive Mistaya Canyon (above), let the most beautiful landscapes of western Canada scroll before your eyes.

6. Col Sani – South Africa

The Sani Pass (Sani pass), located at an altitude of over 2,800 meters, marks the border between South Africa and Lesotho. In the heart of the Drakenzberg massif, discover a most impressive mountain road pass, which turns out to be the only possibility of passage between the two regions.

Its crossing is one of the slowest and most complex, and you will have to be patient if you wish to take this route. However, many tour operators offer you a ride through what is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

7. Leh Manali Highway – India

As dangerous as it is unique, as long as it is exhilarating, the Manali-Leh is the most spectacular route in our selection.

Manali-Leh is 480 kilometers long, with a peak at 5,328 meters high. It also has 4 passes (Rohtang, Baralacha, Lachulung and Tanglang), plateaus, and a multitude of surprises on the edge of its often winding roads.

You will be able to find in particular a plethora of camps scattered along the way, similar to small Indian villages lost in this wild nature. These will also allow you to refuel your motorcycle, or simply to drink tea for a moment of sharing, suspended in time.

Between rocks, snow, cliffs and coasts, Manali Leh is trying, but unforgettable. You will be able to explore it on your own, only if you are used to extreme roads. Otherwise, we strongly advise you to discover it through a tour operator.

8. California State Route 1 – United States

Much less “roots” than the previous one, California State Route 1 is also more touristic, less dangerous and much easier to access. Also known as “Highway 1”, it is THE highway in the State of California that follows the Pacific coast.

The one that is also nicknamed the “California Dream Road” is almost 900 kilometers long, and passes through the two world famous metropolises: Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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9. Dades Gorges – Morocco

Here we are in Morocco, in the heart of the Dades Gorges, to discover one of the most charming roads of our selection. Charming, by its landscape, but also by the population living all along these gorges: the Berbers .

During your crossing, stop at Tamlalt, to discover the “Monkey fingers”, before leaving for a long excursion of 4 hours in the direction of Aït Oudinar, a sublime village. This route will therefore offer you a mix of landscapes, discoveries and encounters that you will never forget.

10. Route 40 – Argentina

“Route 40” is as important to Argentina as “Route 66” is to the United States. Crossing the country from north to south, over 5,000 kilometers, this is THE legendary road to take if you want to discover the country as a whole.

But be warned: you will have to plan a good month if you want to complete the crossing! You will face 11 provinces, located in 3 different regions: the North, the Cuyo and above all, the beautiful Patagonia.

This route, as trying as it is magical, we strongly advise you to do it by car rather than by motorbike. Indeed, temperatures can drop quickly and make your motorcycle trip unpleasant.

11. Route 66 – United States

When we talk about Route 66, it is a myth that we attack. The most famous road in the world, the one that all bikers dream of, and all travel enthusiasts in general. Crossing the country from East to West, it stretches for 3,945 kilometers, 8 states, and 3 different time zones, from Chicago to Santa Monica.

On Route 66, you will find legendary gas stations, diverse and varied landscapes, travelers from all walks of life, ghost towns, mythical dining places (Diners, Cadillac Ranch …), as well as the rental chalet or apartment on the edges of the road.

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