The 10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in China

As this year has been quite a rollercoaster, a little vacation might be a good relief from everything. Although amidst this financial crisis, people may like to plan a vacation this year in a different way. So, while mapping out the vacation list for this year, we have presented here with the best tourist destination in China. The country is a tourist hub for multiple reasons, be it ancient history or its landscape. So, here are the top 10 places to visit in china that you must cover during a magnificent vacation in China:


This is the most prosperous city in China. You can ride the world’s fastest train here and go to Disneyland. And in the gardens, spend some quality leisure.

Shanghai China City_TOURHIKER


Another urban tourist destination in China is Beijing. There are so many things you can do in this old and modern Chinese capital and the coolest tourist destination in China. You can hike through the great walls of China, visit the Olympic village, visit the palaces or go to the temple of Heaven.

Great Wall China_TOURHIKER


Tourists generally take a tour to the Terracotta Army, the Ancient Walls of the City, and to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

China Xian Travel Warrior Xi An china TOURHIKER

Hong Kong:

With its well-known colonial past, this city is a conglomeration of the old ghost culture and the new metropolitan one. This city is the world’s biggest hub for street shopping. The marvelous experience of enjoying a bird’s eye view of the Victoria peak is nice.

Skyscrapers Buildings Harbor Hong Kong China TOURHIKER


The heavenly beauty of this place is lavishly enjoyed for two or three days by tourists. The cycling tour around West Lake is peerless. But what makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations in China is the live performance on the lake.

West Lake Pagoda Lake Reflection China - TOURHIKER


Tourists usually spend 3 to 4 days here experiencing the cuddliest feel with giant pandas. You can visit these giant babies around the panda valley, in the panda breeding and centres for panda-related researches. Try to taste Sichuan spicy hot pot.

Park Lake Trails Pathway Road Chengdu China - TOURHIKEr


Lhasa is famous for its transcendental natural beauty and historical significance. The cultural aspect of the city is also something that tourists come for. You can stay at the Mt. Everest base camp here or visit the palaces or go around the monasteries. Anyway, your weekend will be great.

China Lhasa Autumn Snow Mountain China


This city is known for the waterways and gardens. You can take a boat on the Grand Canal. The gardens are quite a delight with manmade landscapes and old Chinese horticulture.

Pavilion Performance Companion  China - TOURHIKER


This place is famous for its majestic landscape of the mountains. People come here to have a calm experience in the yellow mountains and clouds. There are nice and majestic old houses that smell of the ancient culture of the country.

Huangshan Mountain Mountain Range China - TOURHIKER


The most picturesque city in China is perhaps this Guiling, with its relaxing cruises along the river Li. There are ethnic rice cultivation terraces and wonderful cycling experiences around this amazing rural backdrop.

River Mountains Landscape Nature China - TOURHIKER

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