Solo Travelling Tips for Females in Dubai

The pursuit of pleasure is one of life’s most rewarding emotional endeavors, and travel is unquestionably one of them. A solo travel experience is liberating, empowering, and confidence-enhancing for women. Among the world’s hotspots, Dubai is a city that welcomes all types of travelers with open arms. Dubai, rich in awe-inspiring architecture and ground-breaking attractions, is a city where everything is enormous and magnificent. It gathers the most extravagant shopping malls, opulent hotels, fancy restaurants, top-notch pubs, and the biggest movie cinemas, events, and concerts on the planet. Dubai also has a plethora of stunning attractions, the Dubai Desert Safari being one of them that you must not miss, besides other attractions to take your breath away. The city is also a great place to visit if you want to feel the true spirit of adventure. For female travelers who wish to cross Dubai off their solo travel bucket list, here’s a brief checklist of tips and suggestions to get you started.

  1. Ensure you apply for the correct Dubai visa. In addition, you will need a sponsor in the UAE who will apply for a Dubai tourist visa on your behalf. If you are a solo female traveler with no contacts in the UAE, the local UAE tour operator with whom you arrange your trip package, the airlines, or the hotel where you are staying can all become your UAE visa sponsors. Visa rules have changed as of 2022, and certain types of visas can now be obtained without the assistance of a sponsor. Make sure to check them out before you apply for your Dubai visa. You should also check if your passport still has 6 months’ validity after arriving in Dubai. This is critical because if your passport does not have the required minimum validity, your visa will be denied.
  • Before you schedule your Dubai trip, check the weather. Dubai is a destination that has only one season all year: summer. It’s simply that the temperature varies, but you will feel hot outside any time of year, except at night. To avoid the intense heat, it is critical to know when to fly to Dubai. The finest months for travelers to visit Dubai and enjoy the outdoors of this fascinating destination are from November to February, when the sun is gentler and the temperature is pleasant.
  • Always follow the laws of the land. It is vital to know the do’s and don’ts of Dubai before arriving at this fascinating city. While Dubai is a melting pot of various cultures, and ex-pats outnumber Emiratis, the customs observed are those of native Emiratis, and it is imperative not to disrespect them. You should avoid PDA, drinking alcohol, criticizing the royal family or government, swearing, photographing locals without their permission, and inappropriate hand gestures such as pointing fingers while out in public. It is best not to greet anybody with a kiss on the cheek or an embrace. A basic handshake is OK. Road laws are also quite stringent, and jaywalking or reckless driving are also legal offences that can result in fines.
  • Maintain hydration. Always keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Even though Dubai’s skyscrapers, shops, attractions, transportation modes, bus and metro stations are all airconditioned, the heat outside may be brutal and can quickly lead to sunstroke. As a result, it is critical to drink plenty of water when in Dubai. Water and sunscreen are your best friends when visiting Dubai.
  • Check out Dubai’s Ladies Nights. The emirate encourages women to venture out and enjoy leisure in the modern hub. Certain weekdays are designated as Ladies’ Nights, where restaurants and lounges allow ladies to have a pleasant evening at discounted rates or for free. This is also a terrific opportunity to meet new people and have fun!
  • Keep all of your travel documents in a secure place. Maintain a list of all emergency contacts. Download all popular and useful apps that can help you have a pleasant travel experience in Dubai. Carry your phone with you at all times, and keep an emergency first-aid kit in your handbag. Make sure your family has a detailed copy of your vacation itinerary, as well as the addresses and phone numbers for the places you will be staying. This is merely a list of precautions you should take even if you are confident about your trip. A little forethought goes a long way. Nonetheless, Dubai is a very safe city for women, ranking among the best in the world in terms of women’s safety.
  • Check the dress code: Compared to other emirates, dress code in Dubai is relaxed.  You can wear jeans, tops, tunics, shorts, and sleeveless tops. Water parks would require you to wear swimwear; private beaches in hotels and resorts often encourage guests to wear bathing suits. However, few indoor attractions will have signage that asks women to dress modestly. You should nonetheless dress conservatively and in apparel that will not annoy locals. If you are unclear about the dress code, it is advised to add a cardigan or shawl to your outfit and stick to long comfy pants for your vacation to Dubai. Avoid provocative, revealing, or see-through clothing, as well as short skirts and shorts. A dress code is required for religious sites and attractions such as La Perle by Dragone and Dubai Opera. At religious attractions, women must cover their entire body, including their heads.
  • If you want to enjoy desert adventures like a desert safari in Dubai or hot air balloon rides, it is best to go early in the morning when the sun isn’t too hot and you can enjoy the experiences in pleasant settings. Trying to figure out what to wear for desert safari? Wear light, airy apparel, closed, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen when going on a desert safari excursion.
  • Check the list of medicines and supplies you can bring with you to Dubai. The UAE has zero tolerance for drugs, which can include mild medicines, herbs, or seasonings that are not illegal in your nation. If you are caught with prohibited goods or medications in the UAE, you may face a significant penalty or deportation. If you have to carry medications, it is best to bring prescriptions with you.

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  • Finally, make a travel budget and stick to it. Dubai is a pricey destination, with high-end experiences that can drain your bank account. That being said, numerous attractions are either free to visit or have minimal entrance fees. It is how you combine your attractions that will make your Dubai vacation financially stress-free. For example, you can make a list of expensive experiences in Dubai that you really want to explore, such as having afternoon tea at the world’s only seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. In that scenario, you can also minimize your shopping experience by avoiding luxury malls and exploring the Souks for a more budget-friendly shopping binge. For transit, choose public transportation and metros, which are completely safe modes of transportation. You can also purchase passes for sightseeing excursions and transportation to further reduce your holiday spending, which you can then use towards another exciting adventure in Dubai.

There you have it! With a few simple tips in mind, your solo Dubai trip will be far more streamlined and smooth-running, enabling you to have a fabulous time in this wonderful city!

PS: We thank Ms Savita Pillay for this informative guest post.

Author Name: Savita Pillay

Author Bio: Savita Pillay is an educationist turned writer from Pune, India. She is an avid reader, who loves to travel and experiment with various cuisines while on the go.

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