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With the vaccination drive in full swing, Americans are finally feeling a little less bleak about the future. Americans were, in the pre-Covid times, some of the most fervent travellers. It is now clear that the disease is here to stay for some time, and the only way to quell its effects is by mass vaccination. This strategy might reduce the virus no more vicious than the common cold in the future. If you are confident and are ready to comply with the Covid protocols instated by the host countries, you can put on your traveling shoes. Where can US citizens travel without being judged? Let’s find out

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Places Americans Can Travel to Right Now

Here are the choicest (and safest) places among the 90+ options that you could travel to outside of the States right now.

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The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands have been dealing with disaster since a couple of years earlier than the Covid crisis. The Irma hurricane hit islands are still reeling from the carnage in 2017, which is a thematic representation of the hapless humanity of the present day.

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Mexico is one of the few places that have flung open its doors to US citizens back in June 2020. Moreover, a Mexican holiday will be far from dull because a maximum of its tourist attractions is open. However, you will need to furnish a negative Covid report not older than 72 hours before departure.

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Although the situation in the Mauritius islands is not quite good, with a lockdown enforced till April 30, 2021, normalcy is expected to return soon. This note on Mauritius confirms that all distancing norms are being observed in restaurants, bars, and other public places to ensure safety for all.

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With the curfew ending on April 13th, things are getting back to normal in Morocco. Famous restaurants are opening in phases, so you can expect to get a taste of the exquisite Moroccan cuisines. However, you need to plan for the trip because flights are limited. A mandatory negative PCR test performed not earlier than 72 hours of departure is required at the airport.

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Travelling restrictions in Mozambique have been lifted on April 26th, so it is safe to plan a trip there. Do your due research and monitor the situation closely to avoid any undesirable situation post-arrival. Visa can be obtained on arrival upon furnishing proof of return. While in Mozambique, you need to observe the instated Covid protocols.

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Namibia is back in business with most of its businesses running, so you would not face any Covid-related restrictions. However, for public safety, you will need to go through Covid tests within a week of your arrival.

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Where to Travel In USA Right Now 

If you want to travel within your comfort zone, this could be your where to go to USA list:

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Grand Canyon

Growing in size for millions of years and shaped by the mighty Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is the place to be on your first post-Covid holiday.

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Convalescing from an apocalyptic pandemic, no other place is better than the Yosemite National Parl to reflect on the force of Mother Nature.

Yosemite areal view during day


Maui is one of the chief attractions in Hawaii, especially for its wildlife and rich cultural history. While you are in the state, do not give Big Island a miss.

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New York City

You cannot plan a pan-America tour without keeping a separate space for the financial capital of the world.

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These were some of the places we recommend for your post-pandemic travel. Please keep in mind the travel restrictions that might be imposed in each state and abide by them. Happy journey!

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