New Tourist Attractions in UAE 2022

UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a place with amusing touring spots which can level up your excitement. It has neighbors, namely Oman and Saudi Arabia, which face the Western side of the Arabian Peninsula.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Ajman, among these seven emirates, the Dubai city tour is the most famous.

There is no bluntness in saying that UAE tourism statistics have skyrocketed in the past few years. Millions of people visit UAE every year and enjoy the warm and hot weather of the desert.

You must visit UAE famous states [emirates] such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi in mid-November and December as weather would be pleasant and not humid. Also, some of the places may break your bank, so get yourself prepared first.

In this article, we will talk about the New Tourist Attractions in Dubai 2022, such as Museum of Future, Muhammad Bin Rasheed Library, Qasr Al Watan, and more.

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Let’s dive into the next phase of our article without further ado.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library – Dubai

Are you a book lover and would love to adventure fiction, stories, etc., in a much better way? Then Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is a place to abet. Designed in the shape of an open book on a lectern, Opened in June -2022 – Its including an information centre, a media centre, an Arabic library, an international library, a public library, a business library, a youth library, a children’s library, a family library, and a reading corner. It has the largest collection of academic and several other books aswell.

It has a collection in many languages; there are digital, physical, and audiobooks available in a large amount. It’s the monumental library located at Al Jaddaf, Dubai Creek. Moreover, there is an exhibition room and a café as well for a delightful. You’ll also enjoy glancing at the enchanting Art Gallery.

Qasr Al Watan – Abu Dhabi

Qasr Al Watan is anaward-winning presidential place and a great way tourist spot. The place was the official residence of the president of UAE, Khalifa Bin Zayed; it was opened to the public in the year 2019.

The historic architectural design and exquisite flourished walls with the delightful interior design of Qasr Al Watan will make your day and for your acquaintances, too. Furthermore, the place has become a prominent tourist spot in Middle East. It has attracted a lot of visitors from all around the world due to its elegancy and stylish display.

Museum of Future – Dubai

Do you want to have an excursion of the future lifestyle? If yes, the Museum of the Future has everything to boost your day by showcasing thrilling future technologies that would make human life easier and more capable.

It’s the latest tourist spot, which was opened in February 2022 with an aim to provide future development. You can explore exhibitions, let’s hear them respectively.

Machinic Life:

You’ll abet the robots, which can understand emotions and do a realistic task. It’s the unique and greatest invention in the field of AI.

Future Climate Change (Dubai 2050):

In this exhibition, it is jotted down how people can survive the climate change which would happen in 2050 in Dubai.

Hi, I am A.I

It’s the most wonderful exhibition at the Museum of the Future. It shows how buildings can help people survive in the Ai world. There are many other exhibitions to explore in this tourist spot.

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Ain Dubai – Dubai

Did you ever travel on a wheel and had a 360-degree view? If not, Ain Dubai is the perfect place for you to visit. It has broken records for the largest Ferrari wheel in the world, constructed by famous engineers.

There are cabins in which you can have an enchanting view of Dubai from the top. There are private, social, and observation cabins.

Evergreen Tourist Attractions in UAE

1. Dubai Desert Safari

The Dubai Desert Safari is the place we all have heard of and wish to visit and enjoy the amusing activities. The Dubai Desert Safari includes several packages such as Morning Desert Safari, Evening Safari, and Overnight Safari. Also, one of the most selected places on the menu of the Dubai city tour.

Moreover, Dubai Desert Safari has camel riding, quad-bike riding, sandboarding, and a thrilling 4×4 Land Cruiser pickup. Furthermore, there is inclusive sheesha, which is free and served during mind-blowing performances like Belly Dance, Fire Show, etc., with delicious Barbeque.

There is also vegetable food available for veg people, so they don’t starve during the activities.

2. Dubai Safari Park

A must-visit place in Dubai, UAE. It is mostly lovedby my kids because of the wildlife from every corner of the world. There are designated places for each of the villages with different names, such as Al-Wadi, Explorer, Asian, African, and Kid farm.

Furthermore, Dubai Safari Park has become a joyful place for tourists. There are restaurants inside the park for rest and refreshments. There is no food allowed to be taken in the Safari Park.

3. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Abu Dhabi

At last, we have Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The largest Mosque in the world which have a capacity of 4001 worshipers, including both men and women. There are separate halls for women’s prayer.

Moreover, the Grand Mosque is inspired by the Badshahi Masjid, Lahore, Persians, Mughals, etc. 82 domes have different sizes, which look splendid. The Mosque is open to non-Muslims, and it’s free of cost. The Mosque also has an art gallery, Islamic books, and many other exhibitions.

The Mosque is the precursor of the unity of Muslims, beckoning the Muslim world to be one state. 


In a nutshell, we discussed a lot of amazing and exquisite places inthe UAE. They were mostly from Dubai, as it’s the tourist’s main habitant and has many amusing tourist spots. We discussed two places from Abu Dhabi, the Zayed Grand Mosque and Qasr Al-Watan; both are famous and entice a lot of tourism from around the world.

Moreover, we have Ain Dubai, Dubai Desert Safari and Safari Park, and Museum of the Future, some of the major spots for your weekends.

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