Is it safe to travel to Bangkok, Thailand Right Now?

Thailand is a popular destination because of its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. Nevertheless, it has not escaped scot-free from the recent ebb suffered by the tourism industry. Every country has followed the pandemic closely and levied Bangkok travel restrictions based on such observations. In recent news, Bangkok has published a list of ten countries for which it will restrict access. This rule exempts Thai nationals, who will be allowed after their quarantine period is over. Strict policies regarding mandatory quarantine are in place to prevent a fresh spike of contraction. In this context, let us try to gauge the situation apropos of safety and safety measures while travelling to Thailand.

Time Lapse Photography in the city proper of Bangkok, Thailand

Are You Eligible to Travel?

This question is not as simple as it sounds. With the pandemic expected to flex for a final onslaught, paranoia is reflected in Bangkok travel restrictions. However, from 7th January 2021 onwards, people of these countries can obtain a 30-day or a 90-day visa. The 14-day visa is currently suspended. Relevantly, the 90-day visa is for diplomatic and official visits only.

Will You be Put on Quarantine?

This question is an important one and also one that raises a fair share of apprehension. The Thai government has announced a mandatory quarantine period for foreigners who have been in transit through the countries on its “restricted” list. A PCR test will be conducted in the airports. If the test results are negative, the concerned people will be put on quarantine. People who are on the “allowed” list have to furnish proofs of health. We recommend you frequently visit the official websites of the Thai government to stay updated on the new regulations.

Requirements for Foreigners

There are certain Thailand travel restrictions for foreigners that need to be followed:

  • You must carry a fit certificate by a competent authority while you fly to Thailand. Please keep in mind that the certificate will be valid only for three days from the date of issuance.
  • You need to be prepared for additional expense during your quarantine period. Although the Thai government will supervise the entire process, they will not sponsor your stay.
  • You need to carry your health insurance documents that include provisions for Covid-19 related treatment. For the limit of the insurance cover, please visit official government websites.

What to Expect

You must have got the hang of it by now from the Bangkok travel restrictions employed by the Thai government. Although you should always maintain sanitization protocols issues by the WHO, please do not panic. Once you reach Thailand, you will find that the lockdown is bring lifted in phases. There might be civil unrests that are common in moments of crisis. You should learn how to stay on the right side of the law in these circumstances. Talking of positives, you will be delighted to see that transport has almost regained normalcy. Restaurants and bars are in business, as usual, even if with strict sanitization protocols. Be sure not to flout any rule, and wear a face mask whenever you step outside. Follow the local Thailand travel restrictions for foreigners to stay updated on government directives.

These are the basic know-how you should equip yourself with before you travel to Thailand. If you already have not invested in a health insurance scheme, this is the right time to do so. Several websites provide this service online once you upload the required documents regarding age and health condition. Make sure that you are fully aware of the health conditions of relatives you are travelling with. These done, you are ready to go!

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