How Travel Will Change after Covid-19?

The industry of tours and travels is now at the bottom of a dark abyss due to the worldwide travelling restriction for the outbreak of COVID 19 disease. Tourism companies, airlines, car rental companies are confronted with an unprecedented economic challenge. The graph of recovery will be slow and will take considerable time. It is necessary that travellers feel safe and secure during travelling. Travelling will again become one of the busiest sectors of all time. But, the scenario will never be the same as before the pandemic. Even if, the borders are reopened, the tourists must feel free of board a plane. Here are some things that would be and should be introduced in the travel sectors.

These are some of the major paradigm shifts that could be perceived in the travel sector.

1. Touchless Travel:

the main change will be introduced in terms of touch-less travel in every possible way, from airport document verification to hotel check-ins. It is normal that after the corona pandemic is over, people will care more for cleanliness. Public areas such as airport lobby, hotel receptions, or any such place where tourists will gather will be thoroughly cleaned according to protocol. But still, any kind of exchanging documents will increase the risk of infection. Moreover, tourists can touch surfaces through security checks, border control, hotel check-ins, and boarding. Here comes the need for automation that would eliminate the entire need for human contact. In this method, the biometric system will be the new norm. Other technological options for data entry will come into play, such as touchless document scanners, gesture-controlled fingerprint sensors, iris or face recognition, voice command-controlled data entry systems, and so on.

2. Digital Health Passport:

  • Until any vaccine is produced, the focus in the traveling sector should be to recognize the individual health profiles of the travelers. According to field experts, individual health screening should be introduced in the travel sector. Some efficient symptom recognition systems would be developed by leading application companies like Google or Apple. However, these companies are close to finalizing some contact tracing software. Airports are installing more thermal cameras to detect if there is any symptomatic traveler.

3. Different needs in packing:

The procedure of packing bags will be different after the COVID 19 pandemic. As the tours will be shorter, you cannot expect the bags to be smaller. The most essential articles will be hand sanitizers, a bunch of surgical masks, head caps, and gloves. People might want to carry more dry foods to avoid having a frequent meal at restaurants. As for clothes, light fabric is more suitable because they are easily washable and easy to dry.

4. More domestic travel:

After this period is over, domestic travel will be more acceptable to travelers rather than international travel. The prime reason is that train travel (which is the case in most countries for domestic travel) does not involve immigration and border complications. And the second reason would be that it is more convenient and available once lockdown has been lifted.

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