How to Spend 4 Days in Dubai

Do you want to enjoy an experience of a lifetime? Look no further, visit the magnificent Dubai! Dubai has it all, from beautiful natural landscapes to man-made islands and from relaxing luxurious lifestyles to adrenaline-rushing adventurous activities.

One of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is counted together as the best retreat destinations within the world! This city is well-known for its sports events and land projects that help it to draw in tourists from everywhere on the planet.

Spend 4 days in Dubai, and you’ll be ready to capture a couple of the best memories of your life. Below may be a perfect Dubai itinerary that will assist you to explore the essence of this city:

Day 1 – Desert Safari

Start day one with a relaxed morning routine and an intimate breakfast together with your family at the hotel. Take a fast stroll around the hotel to the local market and have a lightweight lunch. After a soothing beginning, prepare to enjoy the essence and culture of Dubai, with the Desert Safari!

You are advised to choose an overnight safari to urge the experience of an overnight stay in tents and dodge the acute heat from the sun. The safari timings are from 2.30 PM to 8 AM, the subsequent day.

A trip to Dubai is incomplete if you don’t experience the famous desert safari. Dive right into the sweetness of the dunes and tackle the very best and ever-changing dunes with full grit! Get clicked ahead of the majestic dunes that give an illusion of an eternally flowing river of gold. Although it sounds nerve-jangling, getting caught amid a sand storm during a desert safari is one of the foremost memorable and enjoyable experiences that one can get.

Post the charismatic experience within the dunes, head to the tents, and get ready for an upscale cultural extravaganza. You’ll get to enjoy mouth-watering food, enchanting moves of the belly dancers, and other exciting cultural activities.

In the morning you’ll enjoy the soulful sunrise, sitting on a camel and riding it on the dunes. If you would like a touch more adventure and aren’t faint-hearted, you’ll also compete during a camel race together with your friends. Do not worry if you’re frightened of jumping on a camel, you’ll still be ready to venture the dunes on a sand scooter!

Don’t forget to get yourself clicked wearing the traditional Arabic costumes to experience the important feel of the culture. Overall, this may be an exciting journey where you’ll collect tons of memories.

Day 2 – IMG Worlds of Adventure

After a cultural rush of day one, prepare for a few adventures on day two!
Are you one among those people that are all charged up to undertake some crazy activities or are visiting Dubai along with children? Then the fun-filled and exciting trip to the IMG Worlds of Adventure is for you!

This is often the simplest place for kids’ activities in Dubai but the theme of this adventure world suits the requirements and energy state of each visitor. You’ll enjoy the films, meet your favorite cartoon characters, and have a gala time at the most important indoor theme park.

This theme park is one of its kind; it’s divided into various zones. Each zone is an experience in itself and has diverse themes: you’ll enjoy the fun world of Cartoon Network and meet and greet your favorite cartoon characters like Power-puff girls, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, etc.

Apart from this, you would also get to be a part of the Marvel cinematic universe, visit the homes that are specially dedicated to Avengers, and meet your favorite action heroes like Thor, Iron-Man, Black-Widow, Spider-man, etc. A visit to IMG Worlds of Adventure also includes enjoying the exciting adventure of the lost world and much more!

In addition to those activities, people can also enjoy giant rides, eat delicious food, visit the world’s largest marble store, and even shop! The grandeur of this world is one to cherish and is worth every penny you spend here.

Head back to the hotel and rest before you’ll enjoy the magnificence of the subsequent day!

Day 3 – Aquarium and Underwater Zoo & Garden Glow

After an adventure-filled day at the “IMG worlds of Adventure” let’s enjoy the calm and enchanting ambiance of the ocean. After a light-weight breakfast, dive right into the aquatic world at the famous Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

It is referred to as the world’s largest suspended aquarium, housing thousands of aquatic animals, comprising quite 140 species. With just a dome of glass separating you and the marine life, you’ll be ready to get a close-eye view of the superb aquatic world.
If you’re strong-hearted and daring you’ll also dive right in with the 400 sharks that swim during this aquarium. This aquarium not just looks beautiful but also enhances your knowledge of marine life. So, it’s a must-visit together with your kids. They’re going to always remember this experience throughout their life and cherish the grandeur of this vast underworld.

As the Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is located inside the Dubai Mall, take your time to explore the shops and other attractions of the mall before heading to the next destination of the day.

After the thrilling view of the ocean life, head on to spend your evening at Dubai Garden Glow. Very true to its name, this charismatic garden glows within the dark, thanks to the luminescence of LED lights. The best part is that all the sculptures that you find at Glow Park are eco-friendly. Kids, as well as adults, can enjoy the various experiences within the numerous sections of the garden: Glow Park, Ice Park, Art Park, Magic Park, and Dinosaur Park.

Day 4 –Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Museum, BurjKhalifa, and Shopping

Ever experienced something that creates you are feeling on top of the world? Well, at BurjKhalifa you’ll get to be on top of the world! Standing 2,722 ft. tall, it’s the tallest building in the world. You can put the last day of your trip aside for shopping and luxuriate in the extravagance of the famous BurjKhalifa.

You’ll start your day by visiting the Jumeirah Mosque where you’ll be enchanted by the gleaming domes and minarets. If you would like to urge another shot of Dubai culture, visit the Dubai Museum inside the Al Fahidi fort.

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Enjoy the scenic abra ride on the Dubai Creek, which is an important feature of Dubai’s history. As this is the last day of the trip, don’t forget to gather souvenirs from the spice and gold souks. If you have time, you can also visit Palm Jumeirah Island, shaped like a palm tree on a monorail.

At dinner, enjoy the delicious food at the tallest restaurant, located on the 122nd floor of the BurjKhalifa, overlooking the well-lit city below. From time to time, the BurjKhalifa is lit with different colors or images commemorating important days, people, or countries. Catching a glimpse of such a singular art and magnificence will leave you awestruck.

Head back to the hotel and rest before departure to the airport. Back home, share the relishing experience together with your near and dear ones and encourage them to go to Dubai themselves!

So, what are you waiting for! In only 4 days you’ll be adding such a lot to your life’s experiences. Pack your stuff and explore Dubai. Trust me; this is often one of the best gifts you’ll be sharing together with your family.

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