How to explore Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan in 2 Days? Here’s The Perfect Itinerary

Kumbalgarh is a beautiful temple town located in the state of Rajasthan, and is known for its imposing mountain-top fort which was built by the rulers in the 15th Century. The fort has several structures including palaces, gates, platforms and temples which make it both a spectacular historical sight and also a must-visit spot for tourists in Rajasthan.

Kumbhalgarh was originally constructed in the 6th century and since been able to survive the invasions of the Mughal Empire and Nadir Shah. The temple that stands on top of the Kumbhalgarh hill was added to provide a vantage point and to aid in protecting the fort. Today, it is possible to enjoy a picturesque view from atop the hill of one of India’s most famous forts.

Kumbhalgarh is one of the most important historical destinations in Rajasthan. It is located at a distance of about 80 kms from Udaipur, and has been built by Maharana Kumbha. The place is known for its beautiful architecture and scenic beauty, which makes it a perfect place for both tourists and locals alike.

Travelling to Kumbhalgarh requires one to get there by road, as there are no railway or airways available within the vicinity of this historical monument. However, you can easily hire Taxi Service in Udaipuror take an auto rickshaw if you wish to travel solo or with your family members. You can also opt for public transport like buses or local trains if you want to save some money while travelling through Kumbhalgarh.

At first glance, Kumbhalgarh may not seem like much—it looks like just another fortress on top of a hill—but once you start exploring its walls and structures, you’ll find yourself completely captivated by its beauty.

You can also explore the town itself while you’re waiting for your tour guide at the base of Kumbhalgarh’s fort; it has plenty of shops selling local goods and crafts as well as a few restaurants where you can grab lunch before heading up into the fort itself. Once inside, you’ll be met with views of rolling hills and lush forests as far as your eyes can see!

Here’s what you can do and how to plan a trip for 2 days around Kumbhalgarh Fort so you can explore all its beauty.

1) Day 1

Head out early in the morning and drive up to the base of the mountain where Kumbhalgarh is located. Once there, take Udaipur Taxi Service to the fort. There are lots of options available here: If you’re on a budget and want to save money, there’s an option for rented pedal-powered rickshaws (or “tuk-tuks”). They’re not as quick as taxis but can be much cheaper! If you want something more comfortable, hire an auto-rickshaw or cab—just make sure it has air conditioning!

The fort can be explored by a walk through the main gate. The path is about 1 km long and takes you to the highest point of the fort, where there are some ancient temples and structures. You can also take a ride on the elephant or horseback to explore this beautiful place.

The most fascinating part of this fort is its walls which are more than 2 kilometres long and around 400 meters high. It has seven gates with names like ‘Moti Darwaza’ (Pearl Gate), ‘Pari Dham’ (Beloved Gate) etc., which are decorated with paintings depicting various scenes from Hindu mythology. The outer wall has five lines of defences including a moat filled with crocodiles!

Day 2:

Start your day early by heading out before sunrise for a chance at catching some incredible views of the sunrise over the Aravalli Range from one of Kumbhalgarh’s watch towers—or if that doesn’t work out for you, just relax at one of Kumbhalgarh’s cafes instead! Then head back down into town and check out some more ancient temples—these time ones dedicated to Vishnu—and enjoy some local cuisine at one of Kumbhalgarh’s restaurants before heading home!


Kumbhalgarh is a must-visit destination for all those who love history and want to know more about the ancient past. This fort has a lot to offer, including temples, palaces, gates, and other structures that are worth exploring.

At the end of this journey through Kumbhalgarh, we hope you have gained some insight into how this amazing structure came to be what it is today!

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