How much do you tip travel agents?

Who does not love to travel? But, have you ever thought what is behind the wonderfully planned vacation that you just spent? Or, who is? Whenever, you dip your toes in the cool water of the blue ocean, or smell the rhododendron in the air of the snowy hills, do you think about the person responsible for your worriless days in a foreign land? If you haven’t, it’s time that you start considering travel agent tips. It is time that you start giving something back for your travel agent’s restless planning for your vacation. Here is how, one can tip a good travel agent.

The job of a travel agent is never easy. A travel agent has to plan the entire vacation to make it an unforgettable experience for you. In this busy age of corporate haul vacation is not always about travelling from place to place. It has got to be an experience, which includes transport, night stay, dinning, participating in local cultural things, tasting local cuisine, spending quality time with local people and, of course, shopping at the local markets. However, it is not possible for anyone to know the right places to do all these things in such a limited time. Here comes the honest effort of your travel agent. And, for this, you should really say thanks to your agent. But, the question is

How much do you tip a travel agent?

Actually, it is not at all customary to tip money to your agent as tip. But, if you want to give your agent some gift, give him or her positive review. That would be far better than money, which might look bad or hurt someone’s dignity. The best gift that you can give your agent is new business. So, if your agent has done a wonderful job tailoring you a personalized vacation, do refer. If you have any friend or any familiar person going on a trip, refer to your agent. If your agent or the agency he or she works for has a website, write good reviews mentioning the unique things that one can hope for while travelling with them. Mention the aspects your agent might go some extra miles to make your travel free of hazards or to make your vacation days a bit more fun.

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However, if you want to give your agent some gift other than reviews, you definitely can. First, you need to learn what are his or her likings or preferences. And, the gift should be ethical and should not be culturally demeaning. To go the easy way, you can think of a fine bottle of wine with a cute lace bow around it. To make it more professionally relevant, you can think of something unique and simple and send your agent a post card from every place you travel. This will really make you stand out client for your agent.

Travel agents plan your entire tour ahead for your journey to be awesome. So, give them a good time and keep travelling without troubling.

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