Hawaii travel restrictions & safe travel tips 2021

Hawaii has six beautiful islands that draw visitors from all over the year. However, the covid-19 pandemic has marred these pleasant memories. A modern traveller is sure to recollect Covid-related protocols as much as he would remember restricted travel. Having said that, safety should be the priority for Hawaii safe travels, and the country has an immaculate screening system instated to ensure safety for all. They are taking every measure to curb inter, intra and extra-state infections. Here are a few facts about Hawaii travel Covid test that you must know beforehand if you are travelling to Hawaii:

Mandatory Covid Tests: The government has taken necessary precautions before leaving Hawaii open for travel. We understand that no one wants to be in quarantine, let alone on a distant island. However, if you do not have the required hard copy of a negative Covid-test result, you will have to stay isolated for 10 days. This rule applies during departure as well. Remember that these results must not be more than 3-days old, or they will be deemed invalid. In case that you get a positive or an inconclusive result before arrival, you will be put on a mandatory 10-day quarantine to ensure safe travel.

The Tests: The test that you must go for is the Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT). No other test will be taken as valid proof of health. Further, Hawaii only accepts test results from its trusted authorities, so be careful about where you go for the test. You can find a list of diagnostic centres that are trusted by the Hawaiian government here.

A good way to be on the right side of things is to visit the official tourism website of Hawaii and get to know the requirements. Anyone above the age of 5 years is liable to go through the test or will not be allowed to travel.

Covid-Safe Protocol: Hawaii has a “Safe Travels Hawaii” program to which all travellers must adhere to. A pre-registration to this program will help you save significant time and energy in paperwork later on. Adults can open an account with the government website here and follow the rules and regulations right from the beginning. You can also upload your negative test result on the website to comply with the protocol seamlessly. Upon departure, you should not forget to collect your QR code that can be produced to authorities in your subsequent travels.

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Island-Specific Rules in Hawaii

If you are headed to the City and County of Honolulu, you have reason to heave a sigh of relief. You do not need to go for a second test on arrival and the pre-arrival result will be considered valid. In the county of Hawaii, however, you will be required to undergo a test completely free of cost. In the Maui and the Kauai counties, you need to go through an observation period of 72 hours before you can jump straight into the fun of Hawaii travel.

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What to Do Once You Reach Hawaii

The rules in Hawaii are generic: just follow the rules that you followed back home. Ways wear a face mask while you are out and use a hand sanitiser after you handle something outside. There are face mask rules for every island. You can find the rules for Kauai here, Honolulu here, Maui here, and Hawaii here. Similarly, different hotels might practice varying protocols depending on the seriousness of the situation. Adhering to these protocols and respecting them is expected of every tourist. You must also follow the 6-feet physical distancing norms to be on the safe side. Avoid places that have a gathering, and it is better to restrict nightlife during this time. At restaurants, make sure that the physical distancing rules are being followed, and follow them yourself. Wear a face mask at all times except when you are eating or drinking.

We understand that you might want to take a stroll in parks to stave off the psychological pressure in a foreign land. You may visit parks for short periods but make sure that you stay away from the slightest hint of a gathering. The Hawaiian Islands have different rules for strolling in parks, and you can find links to them here.

What if You Fall Sick in Hawaii

Although the chances are minimal if you strictly follow the Hawaii travel restrictions, you must stay ready for the unexpected. These are the things you should do:

  • If symptoms show up all of a sudden, alert the hotel authorities and keep yourself confined to your room. This is a fool-proof way of keeping others out of danger.
  • Instead of seeking help from a medical officer, contact the emergency unit of any hospital and ask for help. They will most probably ask for your travel history, so keep your travel and contact history handy.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, call 911 and seek immediate assistance.

Additionally, you should also download the AlohaSafe Alert App for your safety. The app provides you with real-time data on the affected people around you. The app is a great way to know when to be genuinely alert and when you can put your guard down for a bit. Constantly being on high alert can be trying, and cause nervous fatigue.


It is important to stay alert and aware of the circumstances at all times. Panicking will not help the cause at all. If you find a Covid patient in your hotel, maintain physical distance bit try to soothe him/her. You might be the only source of comfort that they can avail of at the moment. Removing the social stigma around Covid is the most important thing we need to achieve in these dire times.

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If you are travelling with your family, always keep tabs on their health. Perform regular temperature checks on them and yourself so that you can take measures at the earliest if need be. If you minutely follow these Hawaii travel precautions, there is no reason to worry at all!

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