Fun things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii

Why the Big Island of Hawaii is named so is a no brainer—the island seems to be bigger than other Hawaiian islands combined! The island boasts of having some 10 (only 14 exist) microclimates and has a thriving population of curious species. Apart from the beautiful, ubiquitous beaches, you could take part in adventure activities to amuse yourself. The best beaches in Hawaii Big Island are definitely the place to be if you want to spend some quality time with yourself. Here are some suggestions on the things to do in Hawaii Big Island.

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If you are in Hawaii, do things that you cannot do anywhere else in the world. Wait till you read the entire deal. Of course, snorkelling is pretty common on beaches, but in Hawaii, you will be accompanied by Manta Rays! These friendly creatures glide around you as you explore the underwater mystery. The snorkelling boats have lights attached in the bottom, thus attracting planktons, which are a feast for the Rays. So, your meeting with the majestic fellows at the best beaches in Hawaii Big Island is more or less certain.

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Biking is the best option if you want to stay amid nature without the desire to walk for hours. Bikes are available for renting and you should get decent bikes for under 100$ for a day. The rates steeply decrease for a longer contract. Biking is especially rewarding on Volcano Island where you can move at your own pace and just observe the surroundings.

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Farm Tours

If you are interested in knowing about Hawaii, you cannot miss a chance to visit Hawaiian farms. You will give yourself a chance to experience first-hand the production of vanilla, chocolate, Macadamia nuts and more. You can have a taste of the local produce and boast about it to your friends later. You can also visit the zoos that are home to many exotic animals who have found a unique habitat in Hawaii.

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Lava Tubes

Hawaii Island trip is not complete without a lesson in volcano formation. This could be your chance to learn about the volcanic history of the Big Island that continues to shape its geology. It would be best if you could make this a guided tour, which will significantly enrich your experience of the trip.

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The Big Island is well known for its enormous golf courses. You will have to travel to Kona to enjoy this facility. The best part of these courses is that they are graded for every stage of learning. So do not worry if you are just a beginner—there are basic Municipal level courses for you. If you want to take the challenge a notch higher, there are greater difficulty levels that end in championship level!

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Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours come with many surprises. Although not exactly cheap, they could turn out to be worth the expense. This is your chance to take a look at the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii from a bird’s PoV. You can either choose the volcano tour or better still hover about the dramatic falls. Whatever be your choice, you are in for an unforgettable experience set to last a lifetime.

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If you are on an island that houses some of the best telescopes in the world, why would you not stargaze? The facility is available at Mauna Kea and makes for a beautiful experience you would forever cherish.

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These were some of our picks from the things you could do while you are at best beaches in Hawaii Big Island. Of course, there are a ton of other things to do in Hawaii Big Island, so keep your curiosity strong. Happy journey!

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