Cheap Places to Travel in the US

There is a regnant myth among travelers that touring the US is a costly affair. The notion is true to the point you consider New York or San Francisco. Nevertheless, it is quite reasonable to travel through a state as diverse as the US. You can surely start planning cheap vacations to the US with the tourism industry gaining fresh impetus every day. To your advantage, we have curated a list of places to visit on a budget tour.

Los Angeles

This place is a haven for Hollywood buffs. Although it might seem ridiculous to start off a budget tour with Los Angeles, it actually is a good idea. There is a supply for every demand here, and that includes budget stays. Choose a hostel or an unexceptional neighbourhood, and you are more than likely to cut a good deal. You can live here on an 80 dollar per day budget, and an inbound flight costs just above 60 dollars. From Universal Studios to Echo Park beyond the Art District, you can travel unlimited for a 25 dollar metro pass.


Georgia is towards the top of our cheap vacation list for its myriad festivals. The Savannah River that abuts Art Galleries and brilliant Civil-War restorations is also a major attraction. If you are a history buff, you should definitely travel to Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia. The catch of the place is definitely the former residence of Martin Luther King Jr. The budget, at 60 dollars per day, is cheaper than LA. Nevertheless, you might have to spend a little more on the flights than you would at LA. Georgia is famous for its street food, a factor that combines well with a low budget. Try the fiery concoctions by the streets and discover a personal favorite!


If you can pick your time with Louisiana, you can have reasonably cheap USA holidays. The best time to travel here is probably June when you can score places under 50 dollars. The best part is that you can have a healthy meal here without having to spend more than 5 dollars. During your stay, do not miss Natchitoches and the Grand Isle. While the former flaunts the Gulf of Mexico, the latter is a seat of America’s colonial past. The music of the state, Jazz, is a major attraction. In between traveling, you can grab affordable meat at The Camellia Grill.

Washington, DC

While Washington might not be among cheap American tours when it comes to hotels, it makes up for it with its free public spaces. You can visit the Air & Space Museum, Ford’s Theatre, or the National Zoo free of cost. For transport, you will be mostly taking buses, for which you can obtain a weekly pass under 18 dollars. You would be leading a fast-paced American life here—grabbing pizzas and attending lectures. If you ask us, Washington offers the best learning experience within a slim budget.


Texas is one of the best options for cheap USA holidays. Throughout the year, a decent place can be rented at around 60 dollars per day. You will like Texas if you are an easygoing person holidaying abroad. Texas is an affordable getaway for couples as well, especially with its San Antonio river walk. Do not miss the war memorials at Alamo. The place is also liked for its musical vibe, and the food on offer is sustainable.

These were our recommendations on cheap vacations in America. We hope that you will be able to choose your next vacation within your budget. Happy journey!

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