Cheap Places to Travel in Asia

There is nothing like a vacation to Asia to ease that work pressure for a few days. With its inviting climate that is quite clement, Asia makes for the best pocket-friendly destinations in the world. The continent is known for its unbelievable beauty, warm welcome, and an ensconced locality that adds to its charm.  Cheap Asian vacation spots are unpredictable in their offerings whether it is Thailand or the Philippines. In this article, we have assorted the best of the best (lesser-known) budget holidays in Asia that you can visit on your tour.


To choose cheap Asian vacation spots, you can favour the countryside of Thailand. If you ask us, Khao Lak, with its exotic skyline, is a must-visit. Do not worry about amenities because this place has become quite a tourist spot nowadays. If you want a quieter time with yourself, go to the Koh Chang islands. The beach here is ideal for snorkelling and such water sports. If you can extend your budget a bit more, the Hua Hin resort beach is a good place to stay away from the noise of the city you so desperately wanted to flee.  

The famous golden pagodas in Thailand


If you are in Vietnam, you must visit Hoa Binh. It is quite close to Hanoi, and the mountainous terrains offer great natural beauty. Get a replacement for the good old Swedish bad water at the Hanoian natural springs. The next destination that you can go for is the Lao Cai, where you will come face to face with Vietnamese culture and tradition. A visit to the markets, especially Sin Cheng and Sa Pa, is necessary to collect memorabilia to cherish back home. Do not miss the port city of Haiphong, where there is a French-style opera running Vietnamese folk musical plays.

Chinese inspired temples in Vietnam


In Myanmar, you cannot afford to miss the strikingly beautiful Buddhist Pagodas. The Shwedagon and Sule Pagodas are particularly stunning. These seats of worship are different from the Buddhist stupas you would find in India. In Yangon, visit Inya Lake, which is one of the most popular sites in the city. Do not worry about overspending because the adjacent hotels and resorts are pretty cheap. You can also visit the local Chinatown that is popular for its street food. For souvenirs, visit the Aung San market that has more than 2000 shops to choose from.

Popular religious site in Myanmar


You cannot just visit Malaysia and miss out on George Town, one of the cheapest places to visit in Asia. This quaint town, which is the second largest in Malaysia, is a melee of colonial buildings, especially Pinang Peranakan and Cheong Fatt Tze. While you are in George Town, go to the traditional theatre at Khoo Kongsi. Although Kuala Lumpur is not exactly lesser known, you can visit the Sultan Abdul Samad building. The structure is a spectacular amalgamation of the Islamic domes and the Christian clock tower. The port city of Kota Kinabalu, on the shores of the South China Sea, provides a good finishing touch to a Malaysia visit.

Malaysia's famous twin tower


In the Philippines, you can head straight to Manila—where Rizal Park and the National Museum are the most budget-friendly places. The Manila Bay is great for an evening with your loved ones. The Angeles city had been an American base during WW2, and the place is strewn with history. Even so, it is one of the cheapest places in Asia to visit. From Manila, you can take a flight to Boracay Island, which has the quintessential Filipino beach.

Boracay Island

These were a few of our suggestion for cheap Asian vacation spots. Wish you a happy journey!

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