Budget travel tips to visit Georgia

The travelers of the western world are now eyeing Georgia as one of the emerging travel destinations. This surge of interest in this exotic place has begun a few years back with its cuisine gaining worldwide attention. Though there is a certain fame of the country for its international travel related publications, tourists from Western Europe or North America know a very little about this area. The first and foremost question that new travelers might be asking themselves is: Is Georgia expensive?

The first point that comes to mind when you are planning on travelling to a new country is how you can make this trip budget friendly. You have to remember that accommodation, food and transport are the most crucial factors that account for the major part of your expense. So, if you can find out ways to make things less expensive in these areas, voila! You got yourself a budget trip.

Some travelers prefer luxurious suits, hotels with billiard boards, and tanning space along the private pool. But, if you have a tight schedule, you can go for dorm rooms and homestays or guest houses, where per head expense is more or less $24 USD per night. To cut it down even further, go in a group or at least with a partner. This way, the cost of one room will be split. After all, you are in Georgia to see the places not for rolling around in ornate hotel room.

“Man and Woman” sculpture at edge of the Black Sea Georgia

For meals and other foods, one can go for the famous Georgian eateries except being on a tight budget. First of all, if your accommodation offers you complimentary breakfast, that would mean you don’t have to buy a heavy breakfast. If you do have to, then walk into one of the good bakeries and taste or fill up on a delicious lobiani, a bean filled bread. There are other options like, khachapuri, which is also a bread filled with cheese. These are not very expensive. You might have to only 5 euro for per meal. If you want to taste some of the fine restaurants of Georgia, the restaurants in Tbilisi are way cheaper. However, if you have a very low budget for food, you can go for the sit-and-eat eateries and have a good taste of both the food and the fresh country side.

As far as the transportation of the place is considered, Georgia is fairly connected by public transport. So, there is no need to book private cars. The travellers can roam around by local mini-buses that are also known as marshrukta. These buses can take you from city to city in a very affordable fare. However, if you are travelling on a mini-bus better have some extra time in hand, because these buses do not commence on a journey until it is filled to its capacity. The journey might be a little uncomfortable. Well, at this price, the hazards are well worth.

Keep these things in mind, and have a good, memorable and, of course, cheap trip to Georgia.

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