British Travel tips for visiting America

America can be a fun place to visit on your vacation. You can literally experience anything here that one
might expect on a good trip. However, of you are from London or any other part of Great Britain, there
are some things about and in America that might surprise you. You can wonder ‘I go to America for
vacation’, but a trip can make you ponder over many other things. Here are some great British Travel
tips for visiting America that one must know before hitting the A-road.


The first thing that a British citizen must take care of is the ESTA, the Electronic System for Travel
authorization. You have to apply for an ESTA at least seventy two hours before you depart. A British
citizen has to obtain an ESTA if he or she is going to an America trip, or to some other destinations via
America. So, the first thing that you should take care of before going to enjoy an American trip is the
matter related to this ESTA. And the cost is very minimum at the rate of $14 per person only. The
validity this document is two years, so, you can apply for this few days or months back if you want no
rush in the process.

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Language difference

If this is your First time in USA, you must expect for a slightly different linguistic experience. English
might be English, but there are some difference in terms of vocabulary or grammar or throwing of a
conversation. As a British citizen, these differences might strike you at first, but those are the local
variance of English. So, even if something seems rude or impolite to you, it may not be the case to an
American ear. Besides tone and attitude, there are other differences in pronunciation between people
from different states of America.

Situation of public transport

As a British Visiting America, you should know that public transport or public vehicle is not always an
option for USA or for any other parts of America. In the UK, if one wants to go from one city to another
city, he or she can very easily take a train or intercity bus service for the purpose. But, in America, there
are fewer option of such transport. In metro cities like New York, you can definitely find cabs and metros
very fast. But, when you are traveling intercity, the best option is to book a private can, or take a flight.
So, plan your trip ahead and decide on transportation beforehand.

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It is one of the very popular transport that is very much available too across America. So, one of the
many first things you must do is to create an account in the ride sharing apps popular in the American
states and link your credit card or debit card with it. So that whenever you might need to call a shared
ride, you can see who’s going your way. This way you can explore the pristine places and the remotest
areas of the country without any transportation hitch.
ATM fee

Yes, it is surprising to a British citizen that in America, most of the ATM counters have a few for cash
withdrawal, and that is as high as $5. So, do a quick math of the pre-planned expenditures and take
some cash with you. Even if you need to withdraw cash, do not make many small withdrawals. Do plan,
and make a planned withdrawal. There are also some ATM counters without fee, so if you come across
one, make your withdrawal even if you do not need money immediately.

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