Best Vacation Spots in New York

New York City offers a whirlwind of activities and places to visit especially if you are making a tour with your family. You can be assured that there are activities for each family member to experience on your trip to New York. You can enjoy Broadway shows and even spend your time shopping. Your child can have a great day at Central Park or at the zoo. The statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and several other places hold a huge interest for the architects in making. We can list 7 places which you must visit if you are in New York for a vacation. Make sure to have these places to visit in New York on a list to have a great vacation. 

The statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was initially a gift of France to America in 1886. It is an iconic statue that stands for extremely cordial relations between two countries and an epitome of architecture for all generations. There are several souvenir shops and similar places around the Statue of Liberty where you can shop for your vacation. You can even move into the space inside the statue but you have to be quick in purchasing the tickets as they sell out very quickly. 

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Central Park

If you wish to walk, run, jog, or ride along a very peaceful Street in New York City, Central Park will be your best option. A blast of greenery within the skyscraper-filled city will raise your spirits when you are enjoying your vacation. You can even put on your skates and glide on the Wollman Rink in Central Park. Try searching for tourist attractions near me when you are in Central Park. You will have a great number of options. 

Rockefeller center

The Rockefeller Center is one of the prime places which you must visit to shop in New York City. The place is dealt with a huge number of goods that can act as your souvenir for your New York City trip. The view of the city is available from the fourth, fifth, and sixth stories of the skyscraper and it is definitely a treat for your eyes. It makes one of the best vacation spots in New York

Metropolitan museum of art

The metropolitan museum of art was founded in the year 1870 and it is among the most well-known art museums all over the world. Artworks that are older than 5000 years have also been placed in this museum and it is heaven for any historian who is paying a visit to New York City. The Egyptian art which is exhibited in the metropolitan museum of art is the most famous segment of the museum and it is hounded by tourists during all times of the year. 

The Empire State building

The Empire State building has the most iconic architectural features which have attracted tourists from every segment of the world. The skyscraper is almost a hundred and two stories tall and there are two huge class observatories is at the top of the building. On a clear day, you can have a proper view of Massachusetts if you are in the observatory of the Empire State building. 

Times Square

Time Square is one of the places you must visit if you have an evening to spare in New York City. The buildings have huge and brilliantly lighted boards constructed on them and the area is a great place to visit in New York especially at night. You can get a clear idea about the population and the types of people in New York when you are in Times Square. Even if you spend the entire night, standing on the roadside, you will be entertained, simply by watching the people commuting on the streets. 

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn bridge continues to inspire several poets and songwriters. The suspended bridge is a magnificent architectural phenomenon to watch and iodide across the bridge is mandatory if you are making a trip to New York City. 

Thus, these are some of the places to visit in New York. Each of them will make splendid vacation spots when you are here and you must make the best of your time in the vacation when you are in New York City. The large amount of ethnicity which you can observe here is rare and you can match the scenes of several movies when you are taking a stroll down the streets. 

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