Best Travel Destinations in Europe

Painted in the 1500s, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting is one of the most known works of art. It’s also visited frequently. Mona Lisa is the only work of art that has been researched many times. This is where ancient meets modern. Currently curated in bullet and bomb prove glass in Louvre museum France’s museum because it has been unsuccessfully robbed many times. This makes France top the list of most visited places in Europe and the louver museum be one the best place to visit.

mona lisa portrait
Mona Lisa

Europe. Full of geographical features such as the Alps, oceans, etc. has many to offer. Different language and French cuisines provide a long-term life experiencing memory. The aftermath of the steam era has been curated and converted to tourist attraction sites. Europe’s best places to visit are lined up as follows:


Eifel tower picture with tourists in the surrounding

Filled with ancient museums, churches, and monuments. France is a true reflection of old times in modern clocks. The towering Eiffel tower is an example of how engineering can engineer beauty. Looking into the past, the Louvre museum stores a fascinating aspect of motherliness, Mona Lisa painting. You can relieve your busy day by visiting the beautiful gardens of Luxembourg.


park guel picture from above
Gorgeous and amazing Park Guel in Barcelona.

Nowhere else you can find diverse architecture beyond impressive work of art in construction. Perfected to the most exquisite Barcelona architecture provides an insight into the past. If you want to cool your day, visit La Barceloneta, a windy beach. This will relax your moods as you sample tasty local tapas. For sports, lovers don’t forget to visit Barcelona FC and watch the legendary Messi.


Santorini Ariel view

Greeks were not only useful in education but also in beauty. They have several beaches. Red and black sand beaches at Kamari and Red beach combine both beauty and geology. Archeology has much to offer at the ruins of Thira and Akrotiri –the 9th and 17th century BC settlements. You won’t miss the blue seas and relax your day with a healthy Mediterranean diet. Truly this is one of the best places you need to pay a visit.

Monte Isola

Monte Isola island Ariel view

This is a Casanova for travelers. This is the most beautiful and best place to visit in Europe. Families and lovers are seduced all over the world to pay for a visit. Discover your love for water and the artistic installations of Cristo. Relax and feel nature’s authenticity. Remember to pass by the beach and taste wines, fish oil, wild asparagus, extra virgin olive oil; this will boost your immunity and mood.


Alps mountain picture with a man standing on top

Swiss Alps Geography expeditioners and hikers have already fallen in love with the Alps. Different mountain animals such as ibex, rabbits, wolves, and dears fell into the sky with beautiful synchronized calls.

Choose from a never-ending list of the best travel destinations in Europe and let beautiful sceneries do the rest. Catch a glimpse of never-ending cold Chechnya and see what the wild Siberia has to offer as you visit the best places.

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