Best Tourist Spots in the Philippines

The Philippines seems like a never-ending archipelago as it comprises thousands of islands. The best islands in the Philippines—Luzon, Mindanao, or Bohol always make it enticing for the newcomer. It is impossible to see all of the countries in one visit. For that reason, tourists often prefer to return to explore the unexplored. The country is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, and the beaches are the central attraction for tourists. The versatility of the islands is also a great advantage—there is scope for both, the recluse and the metropolitan. The Philippines bustles with exotic nightlife, but you have the option of retreating to a quaint colonial town. With our list of best places in the Philippines, plan your visit to the Philippines in no time.

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One of the most enticing islands in the Philippines, Bohol is a thing of joy, obviously for its natural beauty. The beauty is exotic in its transience; the landscape turning brown in the drier months. No prizes for guessing why the highlands of the island are often referred to as the Chocolate Hills. The island is protected by UNESCO for being home to thousands of rare species. One of the prized inhabitants among these is the Tarsier, known for its mesmeric eyes that seem to draw in the beholder. With so many things to look at, you might even forget about that beautiful Bohol beach. Prepare yourself for a special treat with this place.

The highlands of the island -  Chocolate Hills


Manila, situated in Luzon Island, still sports vestiges of the colonial era. Honestly, it feels quite charming to get on a ride on the jeepneys typical of the place. The takeaway is an experience of the quotidian life of cities in the Philippines, within a strange intermingling of the colonial and the indigenous.

If you have a shopping list to tick off, you can do so at the adjoining market by the Quiapo Church. The place sees a regular congregation that prays and shops with equal fervor. Speaking of Churches, do they miss the 16th-century edifice, the San Augustine Church while you are in Manila.

Outside shot of 16th-century edifice San Augustine Church in Manila


Situated in the Northern part of the country, this tribal area represents the indigenous Filipino culture. The people are inviting to the visitors, and it sets up an amicable relationship between the home and the world. The steep but verdurous cliffs make for a thrilling trek, but you must have the required skills. Do not miss the hanging coffins that are characteristic of this place. In the evenings, you can stop by for an authentic Filipino supper with the tribes.

The iconic hanging coffins


While you visit Manila, you should cover this town pervaded with cottages. The region is surrounded by pine forests that call for its own typical fauna. If you were impressed with Sagada, you will want to explore further with Baguio. The Mines View Park is especially suited for such longings, and there is always a desire to linger for a bit more. There is more conventional comfort to fall back to in this town. Anyway, you can start hiking to your next cities in the Philippines after a brief but charming stay at Baguio.

Full of life Colorful houses in Baguio

Coron Island

Focusing on what the islands in the Philippines are all about, Coron Island opens up in an unbelievable azure. Add to it the sedimentary rock formations and varied marine ecosystem on offer, and you cannot miss this place on your trip. The Barracuda lake, with its dormant volcano, is a must-see on Coron island.

Clear water shot in coron island

We hope that our recommendations help you in your search for that perfect getaway you were desperately looking for. Happy journey!

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