Best Tips on how to stay fit while traveling

Having an exercise routine makes it a lot easier for all of us even during travel. You can plan your workout routine, do meal prep, hit the gym, and can hydrate properly. But being on the holiday should be no excuse to fall off the wagon. Your consistency and hard work will pay off for you. The flip side of the solid routine is that your upcoming travel plans might bring a little dread. You may ask yourself how I am going to do a workout on holiday. How will I continue my progress?

Don’t panic! We are here to guide you through any travel scenario with different tips to stay fit whatever you are. Learn how to find a place for your workout without disrupting the enjoyment of the holidays. You have to strike a balance between a trip and your workout.

Consistency is the key but that does not mean you are limited

Where ever you are on your holidays, you can maintain your health and fitness journey. Consistency is the key to getting results without losing fun on your holiday trip. It does not mean that you are limited to how you get there. It is also fantastic to have a good workout routine that you can stick to and can follow on your holiday trip as well. A healthy lifestyle is about maintaining a balance between your workout and personal life and giving time to both things equally.

Follow these tips to maintain your fitness regime even during a holiday:

Get active by exploring new surroundings

This is a great way to explore the place you are getting in. If you are on a beach holiday, enjoy a long run/stroll by the beach. If you are in a city break, stroll around the city to see the sights. This is so enjoyable way to explore new things and keep your workout together. I was recently in Thailand and got up in the morning and take a long walk on the beach with listening to my favorite music. This way, I am building a healthy environment for myself and can enjoy the scenery and relax. I also enjoyed a chilled Mate Mate energy drink to get an energy boost.

Look for local gyms and classes

Wherever you are going to enjoy your holidays, it is more than assured that you will get new fun exercise classes that you can enjoy and try out during your trip. Many gyms also offer discounted prices or even a free trial to their classes if you are visiting the first time. You can also use the hotel gym if they are offering any such services. Travel schedules can be hectic, but even 20 minutes of HIIT exercise can help you feel great.

Take light equipment with you

Resistance bands should be your travel accessory and are light, compact, and easy to fit in hand luggage. If you know that you will manage time for a workout during a holiday, a skipping rope and super light yoga mat can be your best travel buddies. With some handy equipment, you can squeeze in an inventive and great workout. The equipment can be a handy physical reminder of your intention to stay fit during the trip.

Download a fitness app

Having a workout app or fitness app on your phone ensures that you are ready for the workout and can help you be active with or without a gym workout. You can find many cool workout apps during the trip and can enjoy your workout routine during free or spare time. Don’t forget to take your energy drink such as Mate Mate with you for some energy-boosting moments.

 Don’t stress and have fun

Being fit and active means that you are doing exercise to keep you healthy and enjoying your trip is also an important thing to get value for money of trip. It is important not to take the stress and enjoy every moment coming your way. Take a deep breath during your walk time and also spend quality time with your beloved one.

Plan movement every day on a trip

Take a morning walk during your trip and walk for some time. After lunch, you can consider doing aerobic adventures. Go for a nice long walk to the sea shore or near the green area. Ask your hotel concierge for a walking map of the area. If you are unfamiliar with the walking area, ask your hotel manager about crime-free pedestrian routes. Enjoy the greenery around the site and do some yoga exercises for pure and healthy breathing. It can also be fun for you and your family.

Opt for stairs

If you are visiting a hotel or high-altitude building like Eiffel Tower, leave your elevators behind and climb with stairs. It will be a great calorie burner.

Do sightseeing in walking shoes instead of taxis or trolleys

Whether it is the parks of London or Tiananmen Square, there is no better way to enjoy the sight on walking foot instead of by taking taxis or trolleys. It would be better for your health to visit different places such as the cafeteria, restaurants, sights, and other fun and amusement parks on your feet to feel great.

Play with kids

Go ahead and take a sun bath at the seaside. Make sure to burn some calories while having fun with kids. Play “Marco Polo” in the pool. Go for a bike ride, shoot hoops. Pick up some sea shells and make fun with them. You can do some other fun activities with the kids on the sea shore.

Turn the Airline terminal into walking tracks

If your flight is delayed or has some time, plug into your favorite music and walk to the airline terminal to explore new things and do walking side by side. With just 15 minutes of walking, you can burn around 100 calories. All the walking can keep you from bored and can take you to the pizza center for fun and entertainment.

Break free- explore new ways!

Sure, it is worth considering just downing stairs from your hotel room. But vacations have lots of fun hidden inside if you initiate with them. Lace up your walking shoes. Go for some paddling in river canoes and learn salsa dancing. Play beach volleyball and do water skiing. Anything that can increase your heartbeat is an exercise and is a win-win situation.

 Find restaurants within walking distance from your hotel

Why take a taxi when you can enjoy the cool air breathing walk from the restaurant to your hotel. Also, walking after your meals lowers your blood sugar. So, must get some time for walking during your holiday tour and enjoy the fresh air outside the hotel room and car or taxi.

Exercise in a hotel room

No hotel gym? No problem. Your hotel room is enough spacious to do some morning workouts. You can use the table or chair for a workout. Some of the easy hotel room workouts are:

  • Alternating side square
  • Single leg Glute Bridge lifts
  • Reverse lunge with a front kick
  • Decline push-ups
  • Alternating side plunks with Triceps push-ups

Look up some bike share programs

If you are traveling to a metropolis, you can enjoy bike peddling there. Most of the world’s big cities have bike-share programs and there is an option for the services and you can use it for a couple of days.

Make the most of the plane too

Sitting long on a flight chair is not a good idea and you can find some very easy exercise for your health. Also, it is not good for blood circulation as well. If you are going for a long flight, try to go for the aisle and stretch every couple of hours: forward lunges and squats are great exercises for your health. Make sure not to go into others’ way and make the most of the space available near you. Your low-key aisle aerobics will certainly be worth the effort and also you receive smiles from the passengers. If you feel a lack of energy, have a Mate Mate energy drink for an instant energy boost.

Schedule workouts

If your hotel schedules workout, plan a workout schedule, it will help you get proper timing and space for your workout routine. If they don’t, you can contact the near gym or workout center for a workout appointment and can visit them on time. There are multiple ways to fix or schedule a workout in your holiday destination. Even some health center gives special discount and offers to visitors.

Stay Hydrated

This is one of the most important parts of your workout and while on a trip, there are so many times when a sunny walk makes you feel thirsty, to avoid danger, keep an energy drink like Mate Mate or any other drink that you prefer with you to save yourself from sunstroke. Must carry a water bottle with you every time and keep drinking water to stay hydrated. With conscious effort, we can make our trip enjoyable and memorable. Have a nice trip!

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