Best Tips for traveling on your periods

Can you ever plan your period? No. it is a spontaneous thing; as is traveling. But, if these two visit you together, that can be a recipe for disaster. Sure nobody wants to have cramps while hiking or get blood stains on your favorite tennis shorts. How to prevent these sorts of nuisances? You might have so many questions, like, should you take some medication; should you postpone my trip; can you wear a menstrual cup on a plane; can you go underwater during your period; did you pack enough hygiene products; can you go on a foreign trip during those days and many more. So, here are all the answers to your questions related to a trouble free traveling during your period.

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Period essentials while travelling?

Period, if painful can ruin a big part of your trip. However, you might sometimes face period while you are out of town. That is why you have to know how to manage your period while traveling. To avoid embarrassing circumstances or just to make your period days more convenient, you might need some of the essential things. Carrying these products or things in your travelling bag can reduce your worries regarding your period while traveling.

First thing that you might need is the hygiene product that you use; be it tampons or menstrual cups or sanitary napkins. You can do the period math and have a rough idea of how many times menstruation going to hit you during your stay abroad and carry the products accordingly. You can also buy it from any medical store or pharmacy if you do not want to increase your luggage load. However, there may be times when tough traveling schedule, dehydration, body temperature or simple whim of your body can induce untimely bleeding during travel, so be prepare.

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Secondly, always carry some medication. Medicines for pain relief, cramps, vomiting, and low blood pressure are some essentials that you must carry.

Next, comes the department of underwear. We, ladies, know it very well that sanitary products fail, and that too on the worst occasions.  So, it is very important that you pack a couple of extra reusable underwear. There are special reusable panties for period days that you can carry during your travel.

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There is another additional article that you might find useful. Pack a stain remover stick. These also come in travel size, so it can fit into your fanny pack very easily. Say, you have taken all the necessary steps to prevent any accidental blood stain. But, still you notice there is a small stain on the back of your skirt. In this time, stain remover sticks can come very handy. It takes about five to ten minutes for you to rub the stick on the spot and get the stain off your clothe.

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The next thing is a pack of the wet wipes. Wet wipes can come very handy when you do not have sufficient water or access to fresh water. Some wet wipes contain a very small amount of alcohol, which can very smoothly get blood off your hands.

Does your period get heavier on a plane?

On the contrary, due to reduced air pressure, you might experience a lighter period during a flight. Some might ask can you bring tampons on a plane. Of course you can. Sanitary products are absolutely essential products. You can pack them in your hand bag. When you are landing, the air pressure increases, which will cause you experience heavy bleeding for some time.

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Can altitude affect your period?

Yes, it can make your period longer, or irregular or even shorter. It might vary from person to person.

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