Best places to visit near Sabarimala Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Kerela, India

Most Interesting places to see sabarimala Temple in India

The village of Sabarimala is a quaint little village in Kerala, India. The most famous place to visit here is the popular Sabarimala sree dharma sastha temple, the most visited sastha temple in the state. Dedicated to revered Lord Ayyappa, the temple is located three thousand feet above sea level, overlooking the village from a hilltop. The view from above is breathtaking and feeds the tourist mind of a worshiper.

The road to the temple that goes through the forest is the commonly known route. But the less physically challenging one is the one via Pamba. This temple has a rich culture and the pilgrims have to observe forty-one days of celibacy before the visit. However, the temple welcomes people from all religions. You can have your tickets booked beforehand with the help of sabarimala online queue booking.  Once, you reach the top, you can click the beautiful breathtaking sabarimala hills images with your loved ones..

Neelimala is another Hindu temple situated just near Sabarimala temple. A beautiful and historical place, Neelimala marks the way for you to climb the sabarimala hills. The distance between Neelimala and Sabarimala is nearly two kilometres, and you can very easily cover it by walking. However, the road is challenging.

Among many places to visit near Sabarimala village, the Malikkappuram Devi Temple is the symbol of the well-known relationship between Devi Malikkappuram and Lord Ayyappa. The temple is just beside the Ayyappa temple. You go left from the Ayyappa temple and find this excellent shrine on a hillock. There are plenty of hotels near the temples where you can stay for a night or two and enjoy the serenity of the place without long and restless journeys.

Vavar Shrine is another marvellous South Indian shrine, which is a holy congregation of ritual, culture and religion. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Vavaru Swamy, a muslim friend of Lord Ayyappa. The stories tell, that he was once a pirate and was defeated by Swamy Ayyappa, who then became his close devotee. The architecture of the shrine is somewhat different from the other typical temples in the area. And that is what makes this one a must-visit.

Pampa Ganapathy Temple is a shrine, dedicated to Hindu Lord Ganesha. Besides the pristine river of Pamba, this temple sits in a sombre mood, bidding farewell to the pilgrims of Sabarimala. This temple falls in the route to reach Sabarimala via Pamba. The pilgrims have a ritual of breaking a coconut here before starting the pious journey of Sabarimala. There are counters where you can buy the prasadam, the sweet ball. The temple can be visited on all days and by people from any religion.

Erumeli can be said to be the resting place or, say, base camp, for the pilgrims of Sabarimala. This is a small town with a bunch of hotels and rest houses. However, Erumeli has its own charm. The scenic beauty of River Manimala can mesmerise you and draws much attraction from around the globe.

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