10 Best Places to Visit in December around the World

There is a saying, all’s well that ends well. So, why spend the ending of a year at home? December is about festivity fir, mistletoe bouquet and an old man in red; it is also about heralding a brand new year and new dreams and hopes. Such an ending could never be spent at the home. So, here are some of the mesmerizing places that you can visit in December to make another year-end in the most glorious way.


This party capital of India has moderate weather during December that allows you to dip in the ocean in the day and gulp a rum cocktail at night. December is also the perfect time to visit Goa because of the Sunburn Festival. Goa is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit because of its wonderful December weather, the call of the sea, the fun activities, the local cuisine and beer, pheni. Make sure you visit the Beach Queen, Calangute beach. Palolem beach is also very popular for young tourists. And if you visit Goa, go for amazing local spice shopping.

Rio De Janerio:

This Brazilian capital is, by far, the most energetic city in the world. The moment one steps into the city, will be caught up in the carnival aura of the place. Apart from the colorful and vivid landscape and beaches of Rio, the weather is a real win. During December, it is always bikini weather. The city welcomes the tourists with peppy drum beats in the air, the wonderful sightseeing spots and fantastic dry-cured cigars, as does the redeemer statue of Jesus.

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Miami is another place that decks up in its most beautiful armour in December. Starting from its comfortable weather to the glorious walks on the beaches, Miami never disappoints. Miami has made its way to the top of the December list through its wondrous portrayal in different movies and series. The line of palm trees, the pristine beach, the lavish nightlife and the romantic weather always make the place beautiful and the heart of tourism. You can definitely spend the last days of the year sitting on a deck chair, enjoying the purple sun in the west with a local cigar on your lips.

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Mexico City:

A wonderful choice for your December destination, Mexico City is one of the richest cities in terms of cultural heritage and historical past. If you are looking for a cityscape to escape to during this December, Mexico capital is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. You can explore the cultural air of the city on foot, and shop for coffee, tequila, Talavera pottery and chocolate in the mild dry weather of yearend.

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Laos is the perfect backpacking destination for you if you have an eye for untouched natural beauty and a leisurely lifestyle. Although a quiet sunset cruise along the river Mekong can be as exciting as ever for those who can listen to the silence of nature, Laos is celebrated mainly for its calm aura. Located along the borders of both Cambodia and Vietnam, this is one of the cheapest places to visit in the world.

Hong Kong:

This is another sophisticated rich and eye-catching tourist destination that you can scamper around during December. One of the amazing places in the world, Hong Kong is a shopping hub with its wonderful and cheap street fashion. Located in China, this city has marvelous places to visit, such as Victoria Harbour, Repulse Bay, Lantau Island, Avenue of Stars, Lama Island and numerous magnificent temples and more. This city offers city pleasures like shopping for designer handbags at Tung Choi lane and also astonishes you with the skyline from the Victoria peak. Do not forget to experience the Ngong Ping 360.

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Hawaii has the best beaches in the entire world. Due to its proximity to the ocean, Decembers are comfortable here. On the other hand, this beach paradise is also famous for its plethora of hiking trails. It is also a famous honeymooning destination for couples from around the world. you can take a long walk along the clear ocean and spend quiet evenings on the beach with your loved one. Visiting places like Volcanoes National Park, Hanauma Bay or Diamond Head will enhance the beauty of your stay.

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a mind-blowing group of 333 islands, check; fun water sports, check; long walking trails along the waterline, check; all of these amazing things contribute to making Fiji the tropical heaven on earth. You can become a part of the place by participating in modern fun things such as snorkelling, cruising, hiking and also by drinking kava with the local humble people of Fiji. Your December days could be more vibrant and peaceful in the archipelago of Fiji.

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It is definitely one of the most amazing places in the world to visit in December due to its southern hemisphere location. December is basically Sydney summer. So, if you are up for a trip filled with iconic spots, world-class eateries, amazing monuments and a tinge of cosmopolitan culture, Sydney might be the best option for your next December. Australia brims with tourists throughout the year, but in December the weather is soothing and the Christmas is one of the world’s best.

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Just as its geographical location as an oasis, Dubai can become the rhetorical fun oasis during your stressful year-end days. This city is the financial muscle of the Arabs and it never ceases to astonish you with its desert safari, waterpark, Gold Souk and many other sightseeing spots. Dubai wears the king of the vacation places with the tallest building and fastest rollercoaster of the world. And, moreover, if you have a nose for exotic perfumes, Dubai is a dream for you.

These are some of the magical places that can bring peace to your mind as the year ends a melancholic death and a new one rises from its ashes.

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