Best places to visit in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, or as the place is known to the world, the Land of Fire, is a beautiful combination of high mountains, green and arid plains, historic towns and enigmatic wild life; all of this tucked into a wonderful land with a long pleasant coastline. That means, there is not an iota of doubt that Azerbaijan is full of marvelous variety of tourist attractions. However, it is never possible for someone to cover Azerbaijan entirely. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful places that one must visit on his first trip to Azerbaijan.

  1. Baku: This is the modern hub of Azerbaijan. The famous buildings and architectural structures are standing aloof to be appreciated.

2. Astara: Sitting at the border of Iran, Astara is a lush green land. The virgin rainforest consists for the most part of Astara. If you stand of a nearby hilltop, Astara would seem like a photo just out of a calendar.

3. The Caspian Sea: The largest lake in the world, the Caspian Sea makes a very good place for the tourists. You can go sightseeing here for a day. If you want tlo spend a night or two, there are many resorts around here.

4. Shirvan National Park: This national park is almost a semi-desert that has a small coastline, a considerable wildlife, and dunes making it quite a scene for the eyes. The visitors often can see gazelles, turtles and jungle cats. If you want to spend a night inside the national park, there are camp sites and bungalows.

5. Agh Gol National Park: The Agh Gol Lake is the second largest lake of Azerbaijan and it sits in the midst of a National Park of the same name. The arid geographical nature of the place and the fishes in the lake make kit a favorite place for the migratory birds.

PTWMRW Azerbaijan landscape of nature, Beautiful mountains and hills in the north of Azerbaijan near Quba in the village Khinaluq

6. Sheki: A famous and significant architectural landmark of Azerbaijan, Sheki is a town of almost sixty thousand people. The settlement dates back almost 2500 years and that make it one of the earliest settlements of Caucasian Mountain. This was also a significant point on the ancient Silk Road of the country.

7. Qabala: The natural feature of Qabala is breath taking. The hills, the trails, the water falls will make you feel that you are still in some pre historic age when the earth was unadorned. The nearby archaeological sites take you back to the history of ancient ages.

8. Quba: Here you can find history with natural beauty. The town is an ancient cultural hub of Azerbaijan. The nearby river Qudailchay and the adjoining hills make very good opportunities for hiking.

9. Lake Goygol: The crystal clear water of the lake on the backdrop of a blue sky ensures this is one of the best places to visit in Azerbaijan. Formed after an earthquake, this lake with more 18 lakes in the same region is a famous spot for photographers.

So, once you visit these places you have had a taste of the real Azerbaijan.

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