Best Places to Travel in USA During Covid

With the vaccination drive in full swing, one can expect travel restrictions in the US can be expected to be lifted in phases. In such a context, traveling will once again gain momentum, and people will be excited to travel after adhering to physical distancing norms for months. Even if Covid-reports remain mandatory in most places, let that not dampen your holiday mood. After all, the protocols are in place to protect you from harm. In this article, we shall try to understand the degree of restrictions in the different US States. We shall also find out visiting which states will be worth the trouble in these times. 

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US Travel Restrictions

Generally, there are a lot of places in the US that would vie for the top spot in the post-pandemic era. However, these are the absolute must-visit places that you should not miss. Travel restrictions in the US may be generic at the maximum level: negative Covid reports and compliance with Covid protocols are mandatory in some places.

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Essential workers note who can travel and not.

New Orleans, Louisiana:

This is probably the best place that will soothe your sanity with the vibrant festivals it hosts. The music festivals and the unique cafes make a stay in New Orleans attractive.

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Apart from the scenic beauty of the place, you will get enough places to engage yourself. From bowling alleys to ice-skating, you are going to enjoy your stay here.

New York

The bustling city somewhat restores your faith in the longevity of a civilization. The Wall Street to-do and the Manhattan bars will surely alleviate your Covid-time anxiety.

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Known for its Art Museums and eclectic food, Tennessee is much popular among tourists. If you are paying a visit, look out for Civil War-era memorials.

South Carolina: 

Who can resist the breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and kayaking in the streams? Surely not an adventure enthusiast like you! Visit the famous movie locations as you go. 

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Travel Restrictions by Country

Travelers from certain countries, like India, where infection rates have skyrocketed, need to show a mandatory negative Covid-19 report. However, you are in luck if you are looking to visit New Orleans (Louisiana), Colorado, South Carolina, or Tennessee because you do not have to go through extra paperwork. According to recent reports, there are no imposed travel restrictions in these places. In New York, the rules around Covid-19 are anything but stringent. You are required to fill in a health form when you enter the state. These are regular protocols observed by the state to ensure the safety of Americans. Make sure you go through the official websites to stay informed about any changes in guidelines. 

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If you are traveling to Washington, you will be glad to know that travel restrictions are being steadily lifted. If you are fully vaccinated, you have no reason to worry while entering this state. Rhode Island follows a similar guideline, allowing travelers on board if they have been fully vaccinated at least a fortnight ago. Unvaccinated people will be sent to quarantine, but the period can be shorted to 7 days instead of 14 if a negative Covid-19 report can be furnished. Oregon and New Mexico have stringent quarantine rules instated.

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Tips to Remember

You should avoid traveling to states like Wisconsin that have advised against any non-essential travel. Before you plan your travel, make sure you sort the US States based on their Covid protocols. To avoid official delays at airports, it is best to travel to places that are more liberal. Other than that, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We wish you a happy and safe journey!

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