Best Nightlife Cities in the World

Have you been watching stuff like Another Round and inspired to get your life in line with the best party cities in Europe? Our guess might be wrong, but you have come to the right place if you are seeking revelry in the best nightlife cities. We get it—professional lives can be super hectic, and we assure you that you have earned this break. We have curated this list so that you do not have to huff and puff looking for exciting options. Who says browsing is not tiresome? Let us get into the list at once.

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Las Vegas

We apologize for being predictable, but we will make up for it with trusted go-to places. As the adage goes—“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. So do not be self-conscious about drinking to the point of embarrassment. The world shall give you a free hand while you get the buzz going in your head at Napoleon’s Bar or at Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub. If you love socializing, you can even go over to Carnival Court. We will not prolong the list because that will leave you spoilt for choice. Keep in mind that if you book your trip to these places online, you can save a sizeable buck.

Eifel Tower shot during nightlife in Las Vegas Nevada


Next on our list is a place that takes things slowly and thus would go with your state of mind. You can chuck your worries about returning to the hotel late at night. Seriously, dinner at 12 am is an early dinner in Barcelona. If you manage to pack up and return at 4 am, you are a decent man. Do not miss the Kabul Hostel, Spain’s acknowledgment of the decadence associated with the Orient. You can choose a quaint gin bar to cancel the crowd and maybe get lucky with the ladies!

Buildings in Barcelona during sunset


Rome is one of the best party cities in Europe, and nobody is a stranger here. All roads still lead to Rome, and friendships are valued. There is many a story about hanging out with a complete stranger turning out to be a tale of a lifelong friendship (at least!). Even with average luck, you can surely expect to be around beautiful people. The sobriety of the Romans is well foiled by the backpackers, who set the stream flowing. You can rinse your mouth in it or swim with others—but we know your choice already!

Historical Building in Rome during sunset


If you are a student who is fed up with academic pressure, Sydney is one of the best nightlife cities for you. The Aussie parties in the hostels and dorms have become international lore. Even if you are just taking a break for a week, you are sure to find bars of your choice. The crowd is generally inviting, you might even be inducted to a local group to intensify the party spirit. The people here love sports, so if you can get into the right pub you will come close to the holidaying tempo you wanted to emulate.


Bangkok takes partying seriously, and you might find people thronging the streets and drinking out of buckets! Although last on our list, Bangkok has the best nightclubs in the world. Hop on to an ex-pat bar after you have given enough attention to the beautiful beaches. You can feel the holiday spirit in your veins with people in the bar drinking without keeping tally. Among the must-visit places are the Khao San Road and Patpong.

Tuktuk shot in Public road of Bangkok Thailand during night

These were our picks from the world’s best nightlife cities. Hope you have a fun-filled holiday, wherever you choose to go!

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