Best Amusement Parks in the world

Gone are those days when people would think that an amusement park has the ability to amuse only children. In today’s world, an amusement park comes with all sorts of entertaining things that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, alike. That is why no matter where you are going for a family tour or a solo vacation or a romantic trip, you will find amusement parks to add that extra bling to your holidays. Here is a list of the best amusement parks around that world where a single trip would ensure that you never forget about them, ever. 

  • Universal Studios, Singapore:

If you are a lover of amusement parks that are themed, Universal Studios, Singapore would be your dream destination then. This one has seven themed areas including Sci-fi city, Hollywood, New York, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Ancient Egypt and the Lost World where twenty four attractions are located for the visitors. The amusing themed zones make the park one of its kind and is a must visit for travelers from around the world.

Singapore Universal Studios Park Fun
  • Disneyland, Paris:

It would be a grave mistake to consider Disneyland as a place that only children would enjoy. Being one of the best known and biggest amusement parks in the whole world, this one amuses the visitors with themes like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Big Thunder Mountain to name a few. Besides the great themes, visitors can also enjoy musical tours, entertainment complexes, shopping, roller coaster rides and a lot more things. So, if you are visiting Europe then this place is an absolutely unmissable one.

  • Alton Towers, UK:

Alton Towers is not just an amusement park; it is rather a historical attraction. Since its opening in 1980, the park has been a constant source of amusement and joy to the visitors. A visit to this place will welcome you with a water park, a theme park and a hotel complex with treatment rooms located in Staffordshire, England. Once inside Alton Towers, you can lose yourself in a world of paradise plumbers, tropical Caribbean themes, the Master blaster water coaster  and various breathtaking rides. If you want a day with a slice of both history and entertainment then this would be your place.

  • Pleasure Beach, United Kingdom:

If you are planning a summer trip to the UK then you should totally add Pleasure Beach to your must visit places list. Being one of the top amusement parks in the whole world, this place will give you an experience that you will be remembering forever. You will get to witness legendary shows like Craig Cristian Ken Webster, Hot Ice, the Nickelodeon Land along with roller coaster rides that would spin your head and various other attractions.

These are some of the best amusement parks of the world that you should visit when you are touring those places. These amusement parks ensure that they offer rides and other services that would keep both the adults and the children equally hooked and excited. A day in these amusement parks with your favorite people can never go wrong.

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