An ultimate guide to book Cheap flight tickets [INFOGRAPHIC]

Finding the cheap flight ticket is one of the daunting task for every traveler before even he/she plan a trip.
Tourhiker has brought the ultimate list of tips with the help of which you can book cheap flight tickets.

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To find and book cheap flight tickets, you can book a bit early but not earlier than 45 days as the airlines usually plan their offers and discounts within this period of their marketing plan, so make sure you check their social media pages to grab such offers. Though there are numerous other factors which airlines analyze to increase or decrease air ticket prices based on the days of the week i.e Usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are not busier than other weekdays, so the possibility is there to find cheap air tickets if you select these days.

The most common and effective tip to get a cheap air ticket starts before you even begin your search i.e, you can browse sites by switching to incognito mode from the top right-hand corner of your browser  [click on 3 dots to switch].  The other method to find cheap flight tickets is to Pack light so that you won’t be charged unexpected additional costs during checkout at the website or check-in at the airport.

Traveling off-seasons also has an advantage. You can find the off-season schedules from the above infographic and avoid public holidays. If you find cheap air tickets from budget airlines, don’t forget to bring your food to save money. Every airline has a Loyalty program, from which you can earn free miles and redeem them to get cheap flight tickets. Look for local flights of your destination country and book at even lesser cost.

Booking round trips can save a lot more than booking one-way tickets. The time of flight also plays a vital role as most travelers prefer to fly during active time i.e day time. It means early morning is the best time to get cheap flight tickets, try to find flights between 5 am, 7 am, or after 8 pm.

Budget airlines have another benefit, if we look for connecting flights within budget airlines chances are there to find a reasonable fare. Currency also plays a vital role as it changes every day, why not take advantage of it by paying in the currency which has less value than yours and making sure you check the hidden extras before checking out.

Sometimes booking group tickets individually will save a lot of money, sounds strange but it is true and as we all know during festivals or public holidays ticket prices go up but booking on exactly holiday date would be cheaper, as fewer people travel on exact holiday day or festival day.

Various flight aggregators or price comparison apps can help to find cheap tickets. These apps compare prices from all the best possible available airline companies. The top in the list is Skyscanner, Momondo, Google flights, Wego, and others. To get a cheap ticket you can look for a specific budget airline of your destination country, we have compiled a list of budget airlines of the different regions with an off-season calendar for your ease.

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