A Complete Guide to visit The Statue of Unity, Who was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel?

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was one of the foremost leaders of modern India who inspired and awakened the nation during its back-breaking freedom struggle; in the dangerous early years of independence. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is India’s first deputy prime minister who unified the country and helped it survive its first harshest trials. The three such states that refused to join the Indian union initially; Jammu and Kashmir, Hyderabad, and Junagadh.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was a magnificent criminal lawyer; he soon became a well-respected lawyer in Borsad. The common sense, courage, temperament, and understanding of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel prove to be assets in their chosen profession.

The Patel’s first satyagraha movement was in the Kheda district of Gujarat. The poor farmers of the district pleaded to the government for lower land revenues because their crops had rotted due to excessive rains, requesting the suspension of revenue collection for some time.

Sardar Patel was the home minister in British India’s interim government, and after 15 August 194, India became an independent nation, Nehru’s deputy prime minister. Without his steady control, we might not survive the partition’s violence, uncertainty, disorder, and terror.

About Statue of Unity

The SOU will stand big as an inspiration to future generations, symbolizing national harmony and integrity. The SOU is a giant Statue in the world. The reason for building SOU was a memory, a mark of his contribution to a nation filled with diversities; the idea of the Statue of Unity took birth.

Design and Construction

The massive bronze Vallabhbhai statue After four years of work, the structure’s specifications stand at; height from the base is 240 meters, height of the bottom 58 meters, the height of Statue 182 meters.

Statue of Unity Ticket Booking Tips

Plan Statue of Unity Trip

If you are planning for a perfect trip to the Statue of Unity, follow these tips which are based on the travel experience, before buying any tickets for the Statue of Unity or making reservations one must know the perfect time to visit the Statue of Unity is winter i.e from November to February. The late rainy season can also be quite pleasant.

Summers in Gujarat can be harmful; during summer, a visit to the Statue of Unity can leave you sweaty, dehydrated, and in a rather unpleasant state of mind.

Statue of Unity Booking

The Unity is open between 8 am and 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Mondays. Experience a hassle-free trip during weekdays when fewer crowds and tickets to the light and good laser show are more readily available.

Weekends at the Statue of Unity attract so many people. Normal Entry tickets can permit you to visit the viewing gallery. The express ticket gives you faster access to the viewing gallery.

Other observatory views from Statue are The river Narmada and the Sardar Sarovar Dam. The river Narmada can be seen everywhere in Ekta Nagar, and the entry ticket to SOU includes access to the Dam.

The Statue of Unity ticket can be purchased online or on the app; or directly at the location, where there is a window near the entrance. The ticket window has limited express entry tickets to the Statue of Unity.

To buy the ticket, use the official website of the Statue of Unity booking or download their official app. You will need to log in; using a mobile number to make the bookings.

How to Reach Statue of Unity?

The Statue of Unity is within reach via airways, railways, and roadways.

The distance from Vadodara to Narmada Dam is 93 km and can take you around 2 hrs to reach. After reaching, visitors would have to travel 3.5 km further to reach an island named Sadhu Bet, where the Statue is situated.

From Ahmedabad:

Preferred mode of transport: Road

Nearest Landmark: Sardar Sarovar Dam | Ekta Nagar Railway Station (Kevadia)

Distance Covered: 200 km

Time Taken: 2 hours

From Delhi:

Preferred mode of transport: Air

Nearest Airport: Vadodara

Time took: 1hr 40 mins

From Mumbai:

Preferred mode of transport: Rail

Nearest Railway Station: Vadodara Junction railway station

Time took: 4 hours 30 mins

From Pune:

Preferred method of transportation: Rail

Nearest Railway Station: Vadodara Junction railway station

Time Taken: 9 hours

From Bangalore:

Preferred mode of transport: Air

Nearest Airport: Vadodara

Time Taken: 2 hours 10 mins

Thus you should book your accommodation as close to the Statue of Unity complex so that you might enjoy it in the best possible way.

The best stay in a hotel or a tent close to the Statue of Unity area notes that the entire tourist area is young. The tents are super luxurious, and the room quality of the tents is renowned. It will also feel slightly overwhelming for the price.

The places to stay near the Statue of Unity

Experience distinctive cottage accommodation with first-class hospitality, offering you multiple options that complement your lifestyle, abounding with delectable cuisines and areas for cultural activity and topmost amenities at hotels near Statue of Unity.

Located on the island of Sadhu-Bet in River Narmada at Kevadia district, Rajpipla, Gujarat, the Statue of Unity Tent City 1 is by river Narmada on one side.

Tent City Narmada – 2

Overall resort facility is good, and the food is decent. The biggest issue is transport. If one does not have their vehicle, they have to depend on buses that take a long route to drop to another spot from where free buses are available. Buses are available until 5:30 pm so returning to tent city is also a challenge in the evening. Rickshaws facilities are difficult to get during peak season and charge quite a lot. Best to ensure you have a booked or hired vehicle to access venues that are pretty far as this place is nearby a natural forest area near the Narmada River. They also conduct cultural programs at night.

Unity Tent Resort

If you plan to visit the Statue of Unity and stay in a tent. You can enjoy a Nice tent stay experience. The place is incredible. Price is economical with all amenities included. The location is 5-6 km from SOU, near a railway crossing surrounded by farms.

It is a fantastic experience to stay in a tent house-type hotel full of comfort and excellent Gujarati cuisine available at the buffet. Price is also pocket-friendly.

It’s one of the best places for camping to have a Fantastic experience in a tent with a good breakfast and dinner facility.

SOU Eco Camp

Superb for food and stay amenities; rates are also reasonable. Camp is near the Statue of Unity, around 10 mins away. All Cross camps have lake views. Family tours for 9-10 persons can enjoy cross camp with enough attached washrooms. Tent rates are genuinely cost-effective. They have all their meal plans: appreciable room and food service.

Unity Village Resort

Good resort for visitors. Accommodation facilities in a tent-like shelter. There is excellent food in the resort. The staff is courteous, and the resort is closed to the Statue of Unity. The garden and walkway path is well. The Garden music arrangement is excellent.

Ramada Encore by Wyndham at Shrestha Bharat Bhavan

Ramada Encore is a luxurious hotel that portrays comfort in everything that it has to offer. With 52 tastefully decorated gardens and newer facing rooms. It gives a valuable hospitality experience. Close to Narmada River. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the pristine surrounding from the open terrace.

Dining: “Sankalp” the taste of India,” saffron” A North cuisine Restaurant. with a pristine view is just magical. Surrounded by lush greenery, sunbeds, and a relaxation area. With on-demand food and drink of beverages services. There is an Olympics.

The Fern Sardar Sarovar Resort

A peaceful getaway. Far from the commotion of the city. The full off day will pass on Sun. They cover an area of 14 acres across. The facilities off The fern resort is never like before.

The fern resort is next to Ekta dewar. It is a luxurious resort offering 96 tastefully decorated pool views: Ekta dwar facing and garden facing room.

Business needs are our topmost priority. The Fern Sardar Sarovar Resort would give you a chance to come back again and again for a valuable and memorable hospitality experience.

The Pramukh manasingh

It is a 3-star hotel with eco-tourism. Customer satisfaction is their primary motive. It gives you a better experience; thus, you feel better in real-time. Prepare and enjoy a pleasant stay at the hotel.

BRG Budget stay hotel

Offer 140+ essential facilities along with all amenities.

We give our utmost to ensure a comfortable stay. BRG Budget stay is one of the new and most budget-friendly hotels that offer luxurious property. Hotel BRG Budget stay is inspired and inaugurated by Hon’ble CM of Gujarat Shri Vijay Bhai Rupani.

Hotel BRG Budget stay is Ideal for all classes of people.

Hotel Sai inn

To visit Unity of Tower, It was an excellent experience in the Hotel Sai Inn Rooms, Entire hotel staff is good, and the rooms are nice. The hotel team took care of us and all guests from check in to checkout.

The rooms of the hotel are lovely. It is a budget-friendly hotel for visitors. Excellent infrastructure; newly constructed, so rooms were fabulous. Even Breakfast was very friendly, and the food was tasty.

The entire experience is excellent, from responsiveness to clean rooms. The hotel restaurant was too good.

Places to Visit near Statue of Unity

Sardar Sarovar Dam

Social, environmental impacts far beyond what was estimated at the outset when the project cleared in the late 1980s. The Sardar Sarovar Dam is a gravity dam on the Narmada River crossing Gujarat in India. It is the biggest Dam. The project took place in 1979 as part of a development scheme to increase irrigation and produce hydroelectricity. The Dam on river Narmada provided welfare to four states, namely Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra.

Valley of flowers

The beauty of the Valley is mesmerizing. As the weather of the valley changes frequently, you can carry raincoats for that. The river bed is around 4km from the starting point of the Valley Of Flower.

Don’t carry extra drinking water with you as there are many freshwater streams from where you can fill your water bottles and consume them directly.

It is indeed a fantastic trekking experience and a must-visit place in India.

The Cactus Garden & Butterfly Garden

Must visit this considerable area and see so many types of cactus and informative things you know about cactus from which countries. The dam and statue view is impressive. Must come at 8-11 am, the best time to watch without much rush. Need 2-4 hrs to explore the whole garden.

Well, maintain and shop also to buy cactus plants but depend on what plants they have available for sale.

It’s a Must Visit place for garden lovers and butterfly lovers. Well maintained and well cared for with various cactus plants and cactus products. One can also buy some cactus plants to keep in their houses.

Adjacent to it is a butterfly garden with many flower plants that attract butterflies.

Massive area, so many types of cactus are here—well-maintained area. Small shops are also available so buy plants also. There are so many good places to take beautiful photos.

The dam view is awesome as it’s very close to the viewpoint.

Jungle Safari

It’s an excellent place to watch different kinds of Wild animals and birds. They have kept a wide variety such as Lion, White tigers, Rhino, hippopotamuses, various types of deer, and dozens of birds. Some animals in India, like Giraffe, alpaca, Llamas, and some exotic birds, are rare to see.

They must give colossal space and an excellent ecosystem to live in—a large zoo with lots of animals. Visit the zoo in the morning as the climate gets hot & animals to go to sleep under sheds. Glass reflection happened in the afternoon. Bird’s sanctuary is also the best over there. Don’t skip this experience.

There is a unique bird zone where all the birds are in an open environment. You can explore something new there.

River Rafting

It is next to the banks of the river Narmada; this will be the starting point for river rafting. An adventure-lover or immerse yourself in the beauty of the gushing river Narmada, don’t miss out on this experience. River rafting is undoubtedly one of the most enthralling and demanding adventure sports. Narmada is the largest river in the country and the lifeline of millions. The thrilling experience for the adventure enthusiasts can now enjoy river rafting in 5 km.

Nauka Vihar

Undertaking a boat ride over River Narmada near the Statue of Unity is a pleasant experience. There are crocodiles in the river. On the river banks, peacocks and other birds are there. Even leopards are occasionally spotted. Overall a good experience worth making while visiting the Statue of Unity.

The boating ride is around 45 minutes, with Bollywood songs played in the background.

But, if you are traveling during the day, sit at the center, as the corners are hot. It is Very scenic and photogenic.

Zarqawi Waterfalls

We have covered Zarwani Waterfalls in the “Khalwani to Zarwani Eco-Tourism Bus Tour” package. It is the last stop point. A small waterfall, in the end, will appear where visitors can take a bath. Local tourists like to bathe in the waterfall. Careful while walking on rocks as these may be slippery and sharp edges. Keep this visit at last because our clothes are wet once you reach its impressive falls when we return.

Children Nutrition Park

A vast educational park made for children to teach them about nutrition. A concept like never before! You must visit this place! It is a joyful place for adults too!

The concept of a mini-train reminds you of your favorite Cartoon and stops at each station, and at each station, there is a way by audio-video and funny games to teach the concept and importance of proper nutrition!

The mirror maze is also excellent.

Dino Trail

“New India skills fine creations”

The Dino trail is also suitable for visiting and taking some beautiful pictures. And know about dinosaurs which one found in Gujarat. Well maintained areas, as very few tourists came here. It’s not so big, so I must visit this place.

All Dinosaur sculptures are well created. It looks real. The Dino Trail is suitable for Kids.

Ekta Mall and Food Court

Wide range of food vendors; some of the restaurants are Dominos, honests, etc. You will get primarily fast food here, but some vendors offer full meals. Also, have a children’s play area. Also, this has excellent connectivity with other tourist places. You can get a shuttle bus service every 15 minutes free of cost. Also, if you have your private vehicle, it is just opposite the parking lot, so it’s nearest to food. Food quality is good, has all the amenities.

The place is neat and clean. The food court is very hygienic.

Arogya Van or Herbal Gar

The Kinds of plants and herbs there are and their uses in daily life.

A beautiful managed health garden consists of all ayurvedic plants beneficial to Your health, a well-managed informative staff. Golf carts are available for older people who can’t walk and explore on foot also there is an information center to see the park digitally with an android app.

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