9 Best places to visit in Houston

Visiting Houston fills your traveller’s soul to the brim with unique city tour experiences that include fine dining, cultural walks, shopping frenzy, inspiring museums and art galleries. Houston is one of the best cities in the United States, the fourth largest as well, and it appeals to nature, loving side of you too with its sprawling greens and a small river running across it. To visit each attraction of this unique city might take forever. However, here are the names of the top ten places to visit in Houston Texas that you should hit the next time you are coming here.

1. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park:

This park exhibits a multi-storied sculptural fountain. This impressive huge waterwall is made of concrete, over which a massive amount of water cascades have been designed. The structure underneath the water is almost sixty-four meters high and has a wide arch in front of it. It is truly a wonder to witness 46,500 square feet of water running down from above. The waterpark has as much as 2.77 acres of area and has majestic live oak trees standing guard.

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2. Rice University Campus:

Rice University campus is one of the places to visit in Houston for free. The green grass of the ground with the prestigious air of the campus invite the tourists as well as the locals to take a gentle stroll here now and then. The campus showcases some fabulous art pieces that make the ground more and more attractive and majestic. This tranquil outdoorsy destination has many walking trails, running ways, hundreds of huge trees; all spread over three hundred acres of green space. The old lovely edifice is a treat for the eyes.

3. Houston Space Station:

Space centre Houston allows you to walk through some replicas of space centres and space shuttles. You can touch a stone brought back from the moon, and on Fridays, you can even meet an astronaut. Tourists can take a tram and visit the Johnson Space Station as well. In Rocket Park, there are original rockets for display and there is no charge to take entry.

4. Livestock Show and Rodeo:

These are the 19 days in February or March during which Houston puts on its carnival attire every year, and this is perhaps the best time to visit Houston. This show offers abundant fun things to do for free and with charges. You can loiter on the festive ground for free and take in the festive air to experience the games, food, and carnival rides. For the Rodeo event, you will need tickets. Here you can be surprised by the variety of tricks shown by the cowboys. And evenings reverberates with musical concerts, where you can experience the music of some big names.

Photo Courtesy: https://365thingsinhouston.com/2020/03/03/houston-livestock-show-and-rodeo-2020/

5. Galveston:

This exotic beach is only an hour’s drive from Houston and offers innumerable things to do. If you want a little time away from your busy schedule and a day or two of sunshine and fun time, Galveston Island is your place. You can simply walk along the endless shoreline and soak up the salty sun. Or, you can take a fun ride at the Pleasure Pier and experience the rides and hit the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum. For a wonderful family time, visit the Moody Garden. This is one of the places to visit in Houston in Christmas for the mild weather and doubled fun. The beach is also one of the places to visit in Houston for free. 19th Street in The Heights: the city flexes its vintage muscle in the vintage stores of this area. It is a piece of heaven for you if you love shopping. The vintage shops have a wide collection of vintage clothing from gowns to t-shirts, from jewellery to household pieces. However, the stores are not always quirky or vintage. They have new merchandise too. This makes this place a great area for gift shopping. Even if you are not planning to buy anything, a simple walk or window shopping through the glass doors of the shops would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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6. Houston Children’s Museum:

A children attraction, this museum does appeal to adults as well. The How Does it Work exhibit is one of the major attractions of the museum, where the children can learn to operate some daily used gadgets. There is a FlowWorks exhibit, which is a wet zone that allows you to on and off the water flow to witness the results.

7. Buffalo Bayou Park:

If you are tired of museums and history, you can run wild through this green patch at the heart of the city. This one thirty acres green patch with Buffalo bayou as its main attraction offers enough space for the tourists to walk, run and go for a light bike ride. You can crank it up a bit with a rental kayak or canoe and waddle through the water. The red hue of the sunken sun during the dusk is amazing coupled with the enormous army of free-tailed bats, flying over the bridge.

8. Museum District:

This is definitely one of the places to visit in Houston Texas for its great cultural experience. This district of downtown Houston has 19 splendid museums, 11 of which have free entry for the public. The museums are located in a very organized way and you can walk from one to another. However, Rothko Chapel and the Menil Collection are a bit far.

9. Houston Zoo:

Set on Hermann Park, this 55 acres zoo can be on your city tour map, where you can see over six thousand indigenous animals. Inside the zoo, there is an education centre that disperses interesting facts and educational information to the tourists. In the aquarium area, marine life comes to life and the tourists love this area the most. Especially children love to watch the sea lions and other fishes and creatures frolicking around. You can even feed the giraffes with your own hands and watch them chewing it with their weirdly calm eyes.

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