7 Best Places to Visit in Tokyo

Tokyo is conscious about everything—the ultramodern skyscrapers, preservation of culture, or lending a sympathetic ear to tourist quirks. You could feel that in every street in Tokyo. The technocracy of the modern era has not subdued the cherry blossoms of poetry. If the city impresses tech geeks, it does not disappoint pop culture fans. Further, Tokyo is probably the best city in Japan for an all-round gastronomic pleasure. One should not forget that it was the Japanese that introduced the Michelin stars to rate restaurants. Needless to say, you will find a lot of “star” restaurants in places to visit in Tokyo.

Let us now look at a few must-visit places in Tokyo.

Tokyo Sky Tree

The Tokyo Sky Tree is one of the most beautiful things to behold in a starlit night sky in Tokyo. In a slightly nippy 12°C night, watch the Tokyo sky from the observation deck of the Tokyo Sky Tree. If you are in Japan with your partner, this could be a particularly thrilling exercise. To top it all, you can shop at the base of the tower and can amuse yourselves at the aquarium.

Pink cherry blossom tree under blue sky


The Shibuya IT Park showcases the modernity that has been embraced by present-day Japan. The best thing is that you can visit these Tourist attractions near me for free! Apart from technological advancement, there is great stress on traditional elements. Among these, the sword museum and the statue of the dog, Hachiko, are most popular. You can relax in the quirky cafes in Shibuya while you plan to visit the next thrilling places to visit in Tokyo.

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If you are into gaming, you should not wait too long before you visit this place. Numerous cafes are themed on gaming—you can even play pachinko and bet on a game! Bring your kids here if they are into anime. They are sure to love it here better than other places to visit in Tokyo. Also, Akihabara is the perfect place if you intend to buy musical instruments. Most music stores here sell quality instruments duty-free! 

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Tokyo Disney Sea

If you are traveling with kids, this place could be one of the best on your list. There are a lot of Disney theme parks inside the arena, offering esoteric satisfaction. The Mermaid Lagoon or the Crystal Skull Temple will surely delight everyone irrespective of age.

Man made design brown rock formation on body of water photo

Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine is one of the best tourist attractions near me if you are looking for traditional Japanese architecture. The place immortalizes the Emperor and Empress, Meiji and Shoken, and is a fine example of the stature that kings enjoyed in Japan. Additionally, you can witness the traditional Japanese wedding at this place as couples get hitched here. The place is open from 5 in the morning to 6 in the evening, and entry is free.

Two old women standing in front of Japanese traditional house photo

Tokyo Royal Palace

Built-in honour of Emperor and Empress Akihito and Michiko, this place is the seat of Japanese royal heritage. However, plan ahead for a visit because the place has different timings for April-August and November-February. Guided tours inside the palace are free of cost. If you can plan your tour in early January, you can gain entry to its inner chambers!

Brown and black wooden gazebo near green trees and river during daytime photo

Hamarikyu Gardens

The Hamarikyu Gardens, with its view of beautiful lakes, can be the best vacation spots Tokyo for you. The garden is located adjacent to the mouth of the River Sumida and offers a treat in beautiful tea houses. Hop in for a tête-à-tête!

brown wooden house near green trees and river during daytime photo

Hope our list is helpful for you in your visit to Tokyo, Japan!

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