7 best places to visit in Spain

The splendid views of Spanish metropolitan areas along with their cultural traditions allow Spain to have a top position on the itineraries of tourists all over the world. Spain enjoys an undisputed spot on the travel catalogs for its magnificent cities and quaint suburban areas. There are great places to visit which can capture the true essence of Spanish traditions and the enormous hospitality services which are provided by the Spanish government for tourists makes Spain one of the best choices for your summer vacations. The places to visit in Spain which have been mentioned in this blog are designated as some of the best places in the world for tourists.


Barcelona is the cultural capital of Spain. The urban sprawl of Barcelona is dotted with several cultural sports that define the Spanish traditions. The Picasso museum is one of the places where you can enrich your artistic knowledge through the beauty of the paintings and sculptures of famous artists. Barcelona is the hometown of the club Barcelona FC. You can make a point of visiting the stadiums and other similar places if you are a football fanatic. You will find several things on the tourist attractions near me list when you are in Barcelona.


Seville is one of the most romantic cities in Spain with a great combination of alluring streets and roadside cafes. The entire city is a huge patch of colors that has horse chariots riding on the streets. As dusk begins to descend on the city, the flamenco dances all over the streets give you a special thrill.


The party-hard reputation of Madrid has lived up to the expectation of the tourists. Every tourist to make a point of visiting Madrid has a really good time due to the extremely lively atmosphere all about the city. Keeping aside the fun, the more serious tourists can visit the art museums which have a reputation for their artworks and historical significance.


Granada sets a tone apart from the entire stain because of the Moroccan influence in its entire culture. The Arabic influence on the street cafes and the lifestyle of the people make Granada one of the most exotic places to visit in Spain. You can also move to the Sierra Nevada National park if you are making a stay at Granada. It is among the best vacation spots, Spain.


Mallorca is one of the greatest assets of Spain in its idyllic beauty. The picturesque island of Mallorca allows the tourists to get away from the noisy cities and enjoy a breath of fresh air in the small village streets. The striking view of the mountains which is visible from the Mallorca islands makes them even more special for the tourists.


If you are among the people who enjoy partying on their vacations, Ibiza is your place. The nightlife of this city is famous all over the world and the parties which are held in the streets and cafes of Ibiza are quite worthwhile to visit for any tourist. The glamorous life of Ibiza can be experienced fully if one visits it at the peak of Summer. However, the natural beauty of this place must not be ignored. The sandy beaches of Ibiza make the place one of the best destinations for all kinds of tourists.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are located a bit far away from Spain and they form a cluster of islands that are deservedly called one of the best islands all over the world. The Canary Islands are heaven for any traveler who enjoys adventurous sports. It is also among the best vacation spots in Spain.

These are some of the places to visit in Spain if you are making a tour of the country. You must make an effort not to miss a single of these destinations to enjoy the Spanish traditions to the fullest.

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