7 Best Places to Visit in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya can offer you peace and quiet that is not far from the bustle of the city, in case you change your mind. The best vacation spot Pattaya, Thailand retains its flexibility of choice by letting tradition coexist harmoniously with modernity. Due to this outlook, Thailand attracts a plethora of tourists every year, and most of them become regular visitors. The weather all-round places to visit in Pattaya, Thailand is around 30 degrees, which is not quite inclement. 

The Sanctuary of Truth

This iconic, intricately designed teakwood structure is a seat of art and culture. As this structure was a part of the ancient city at Samut Prakan, the religious underpinnings of the artistic expression is evident. The Sanctuary of Truth is a befitting adornment to the Satchatham Temple because it tenders the visitors a chance to search for their soul. The places to visit in Pattaya, Thailand have both Hindu and Buddhist structures, something that is expected of a south-east Asian sacrament. 

Mid angle view of ancient building during daylight

Tiffany’s Cabaret Show

If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife experience in places to visit in Pattaya, Thailand, do not miss Tiffany’s Cabaret Show. What started as an entertainment strategy for a small pub in 1974 is now a national tourist attraction. The show has made much impact on the global connoisseurs of nightlife. Hit the show if you want to experience the bling, dance, music, and a night’s worth of revelry in Pattaya.

Woman in traditional Thai dress surrounded by other people

Pattaya Night Bazaar

The best part of traveling to tourist attractions near me is the memories that you will gather for a lifetime. Nevertheless, you must devote a part of your travel to shopping. Buying memorabilia is important because it will remind you of the special journey you made with your loved ones to Thailand. The Pattaya Night Bazaar is the best place to shop because of its spacious display and authentic Thai articles.

Hijabi woman selling street foods during the bazaar at night

Wat Phra Khao Yai

Translated roughly as the big Buddha hill, the name of the chief attraction of the place is self-explanatory. There is a huge statue of the Buddha atop a hill, and the structure is visible from a great distance. The spectacle reveals itself in waxing conspicuousness as you reach southern Thailand. The religious ambiance is spellbinding with the smell of incense and the sound of bells.

A hindu god temple under blue sky during daylight

Pattaya Floating Market

The most popular commercial hub in Pattaya, the Floating Market, deserves a visit. Even if you have bought the memorabilia from Wat Phra Khao Yai, this place is worth a visit. The market is much famed for the availability of authentic Thai food and fresh fruits. So, indulge in the bona fide Thai experience without having to pay the import taxes! The curries, the sweet egg-yolk, and rice vermicelli are must-try items.

A man selling stuff on public while riding his boat on floating market

Underwater World Pattaya

If you are in with your kids, do not miss out on the chance to visit the Underwater World. Watch on as the tiny tots observe the fascinating marine life with a cute, wide-eyed wonder! Whether it is the stingrays or the killer whales, you are in for an unforgettable experience at the tourist attractions near me. There is shipwreck conservation here, and watch your kids rapt in attention as you tell them the story behind the shipwreck. Of course, do your homework with diligence for the rewards—their sweet inquisitiveness and admiration!

A mother carrying her child to see and enjoy the underwater world with fishes swimming around the big aquarium.

Walking Street

The Walking Street could be your last tryst with revelry before the trip comes to an end. Sprawling on both sides of the Beach Road for a kilometer, indulge in unapologetic intoxication. Do not miss the live events by local artists!

Gay people standing in between road with public looking and walking around them.

These were our picks for must-visit places in Pattaya. Happy journey!

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