7 Best Places to Visit in Osaka, Japan

Japan has to its credit the reckoning as one of the most popular Asian destinations. The charm of the geisha has never failed to be a magnet for attention. Among most popular Japanese cities like Kyoto and Tokyo, Osaka remains a special comfort zone among travellers. For all its blitz, Osaka manages to retain its identity; mostly recognizable by a distinct dialect. It is also an entertainment haven—housing the Universal Studios, and children find themselves in glee among pachinko arcades. You will be surprised to know that pachinko also has gambling value. So there is something of a Vegas charm tucked into Osaka that only keen-eyed tourists manage to enjoy. Let us look at some of the most happening tourist attractions near me in Osaka.


Asia’s skyscrapers seem to be overshadowed by the Burj Khalifa, but Japan has built its Abeno Harukas to rival that. Looming large at 300 meters, it is a thing of staggering beauty. If you like, you could view the city of Osaka—a full 360 degrees—from the observation deck at Harukas. The Shitennoji Shrine and Tennoji Park are other notable places to visit in Osaka, Japan while you are at Tennoji.

Ancient Japanese house behind the green trees in park.

Universal Studios

If you are an Asian traveller, you would find Universal Studios particularly interesting among places to visit in Osaka, Japan. There are currently eight sections dedicated to iconic cinematic destinations. If you are with kids, they will definitely enjoy the Harry Potter section. There are also simulations of scenes from the Spiderman and Jurassic Park movies. Along with the mascots roaming around to entertain them, the kids are in for a memorable visit. If you are here with your significant other, you will definitely enjoy a unique photo session at Amity Village.

Outside Universal Studios people taking picture behind the iconic globe logo

Bay Area

This name is a collective one, representing an archipelago of manmade islands aka tourist destinations. Housing the Osaka Aquarium and the Ferris Wheel, a weekend at the Bay Area could be awe-inspiring as it could be humbling and relaxing.

Opposite side of the city from bay view behind rocks

Osaka Castle

With the weather offering pleasantries at 7°C, it will be a great idea to visit Osaka Castle. The castle is an example of pristine Japanese culture undamaged by the WWII carnage. You can clock in the castle at 9 am in the morning, with the Nishinomaru garden embracing you with its 600-odd cherry trees. From here, you could make headway to the Osaka museum if you prod the GPS for tourist attractions near me.

The most popular spot for view the cherry blossom bloom in front of Osaka castle

Kobe Port Tower

This 1963-built earthquake-proof watchtower is a beautiful part of the tourist sites in Osaka. A meal at the rotating lounge, which attracts crowds year-round, is a must. Nothing is more enticing than a peaceful dinner with your partner by the Kobe port.

A full building shot outside port


You are not alone if you read that ‘Miami’, and that’s not much of an offence. Like its American counterpart, Minami is at the heart of Osaka nightlife. Shinsaibashi and Americamura are two of the most popular fashion districts among places to visit in Osaka, Japan. They could be the perfect shopping destination for their indie fashion houses that showcase American-Japanese fusion chic. 

Beautiful shot of night lights on public place in Osaka.

Bunraku Theatre

This traditional Japanese art form could mesmerize you if you are an art enthusiast. Even if you are not, you can count on the simple but compelling plots of the drama. These puppet shows are one of the few complex but sustaining paths to pure Japanese expression. In its own, quaint way, it is one of the best vacation spots Osaka, Japan.

Actors wearing traditional Japanese clothes to do live action play on the Theatre.

With this, we come to the end of our list. We wish you a happy and fulfilling journey!

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